10 Questions You Should Answer Before Building An

10 Questions You Should Answer Before Building An Internet Business

If you believe that the internet is still in its infancy, then you have to be aware that the infancy is almost over. The internet gains its maturity faster. Everybody wants to take advantage of the internet must treat it as if it a mature entity. You’ve got to be serious about using internet as your business vehicle.

If you still think that you can easily make fortune out of the internet, then you may miss the big picture of it unless you are aware of the things you should ask yourself and give your answer before you build your internet business.

You should understand that building an internet business is different from making money from the internet. You can make more money from the internet without building any business.

While building an internet business may ‘cost’ you big investment, making money from the internet may cost you nothing or less. But here’s the interesting part. Making money from the internet needs you stick to the internet all the time. Simply put, the money stops coming in when you stop your internet activity. On the other hand, if you do it correctly, the internet business you’re building will make money for you even while you’re sleeping or away in vacation.

So, to do it correctly, you should ask yourself these questions before building any internet business:

1. Do you have a vision?
What is your business vision? You should have it clear in your mind what your business be in the next 5 years, 10 years, or 20 years.

2. Do you recognize your business strength?
What is your business strength? This will affect the whole concept and strategies of your business. If you think that you don’t have that strength, then you must make an exercise to find that strength!

3. Do you set your business goals?
What missions you want to be accomplished to achieve your business vision? These missions will be your business goals. Make a list of clear and measurable goals with detail activities to reach it.

4. Do you have a business strategy?
What to do to win your business? Use a Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle to test your business strategy.

5. Do you have the technology?
What technology needed for your business? What will be involving? You need to decide which technology is appropriate to your business.

6. Do you have good quality products to offer?
What products you want to offer to your customer? You have to make sure that the product you want to offer to your customer is the one with good quality.

7. Do you have a good quality customer?
What kind of customer will you have? One part of your business activity should be about finding good quality customer. Good quality customer is the one who’s willing to observe, evaluate and buy your products again, again, and again.

8. Do you have a good quality information to offer?
Your customer needs information. Unless you can provide it, you won’t win the business game.

9. Do you have a business coach?
Who will mentor and watch your business growth from the outside? Sometimes you need more than just advice and consultation to grow your business. You may decide to get a business coach to help you grow your business.

10. Do you have the guts, the passion, the patient and the endurance toward the business?
The last things you should have: guts, passion, patient and endurance to build your business.

If you can’t answer just one of the 10 questions above, then you may cancel or think over again about building an internet business.


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Question by M R: What is the most lucrative Internet business that has a low start-up cost?
My wife and I would like to start some kind of Internet Business, but we have no idea where to start!

Best answer:

Answer by Jesse R

Teamwork is the most important thing you can utilize to accomplish great things. I can show you how to do this. Since there are two of you, you would likely cut start up time in half!


I would go there, enter in your information so you can see the video, and it explains it all from there. However, the real fun begins when you get the ball rollin’ and your first check comes, and then the next and so on. When you get started, I will walk you through the process step by step if needed just to make sure you are successful. (Please keep in mind; this is NOT a get rich quick scheme.) If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Hope This Helps and Good Luck!

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