11 Ways to Find the Best Viral Marketing

11 Ways to Find the Best Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is like a disease. For the most part, it is a disease you want over and over. Although this might sound ridiculous, the best viral marketing happens this way. Viral marketing is undoubtedly the next wave of word of mouth. As a matter of fact, it is the internet word of mouth.

So how do you find the best viral marketing strategy? The answer is simple; you create it. Some people think that the best viral marketing ideas are just going to fall into their lap. Now, I am not saying it won’t, however, I would not hold my breath for it to happen. The best viral marketing strategy is to be creative and look for a means of capturing the audience.

Being creative does not have to be elaborate. In fact, being creative can be very simple, as some of the best viral marketing campaigns are. Build a viral marketing campaign that will first capture the audience. Once you have their attention, you have won half of the battle.

The next step would be to introduce them to your brand. Being that you are trying to relay your brand, you want to display it how you want it to come across. For instance, if you were selling a brand that was rugged and tough, you would not include ponies and fairies in the background. This is simple concept, yet not concrete to some. Drive home your brand. The more focused your brand statement in, the greater the response you will get.

Once you have caught the attention of your audience and notified them of your brand, provide the entertainment they sought. The best viral marketing campaigns will subtly introduce their brand in the viral marketing ad as well. The most efficient use of viral marketing is through video. Utilizing video is effective because visually, your audience automatically pays more attention.

Where is the Best Viral Marketing Done?

With no doubt, the best viral marketing places are social sites. The whole point of “viral” marketing is to pass around something like lightening. The more people in a concentrated area when the virus lets loose, they more people it will reach. The same is true about viral advertising. Look for social sites such as MySpace, FaceBook, Digg, Delicious and more. These are the most popular social sites amongst a wide range of ages. When looking for the best viral marketing strategy, target these strong points first.

After you capture the audience of the big dogs in viral marketing, look toward the smaller ones. It is imperative that you get your campaign out there in as many places as possible. Think to hit big areas with the most concentration of people first and then focus your efforts on the rest of the smaller niches.

There is a lot to learn about viral marketing. If you are looking to achieve the best marketing strategy you possibly can, look to further resources that are found on this page.

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Question by Chris L: Is there a difference between guerilla and viral marketing?
I can really see one, other than maybe viral uses the internet.

Best answer:

Answer by Richard H
Guerrilla marketing is low-cost innovative marketing where you pay for the placement. Viral marketing is innovative marketing that you generally don’t pay for the placement, just the production.

BMW films was viral marketing. Cartoon Network’s bomb scare promotions were guerrilla marketing

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