3 Steps to Achieveing Targeted Traffic

3 Steps to Achieveing Targeted Traffic

If you have been looking for a way to get visitors to your website that are interested in you product or information I can show you three steps that can help get you the customers you need.

What you need is targeted traffic and I’m going to show you one way you can get that.It is possible to organize you website in a manner that will cause only the people that are interested in what you have to offer to come stop by. First off when most people first start out on the Internet they usually make some huge website with no niche and then go out and use some FFA’s to post an ad, then they sit back and wonder why no one is coming to there website.

To keep this simple we will break it down into three steps. Step one, find one and only one keyword and focus you entire attention on that keyword. Some experts will tell you this is wrong that you should mass market and in some cases this is true but if you don’t have any foundation, mentor or lot’s of capitol believe me one keyword at a time is the route to go.

Now don’t just pick any keyword, you must do some keyword research there are many keyword tools out there a couple are keyword locator, keyword elite, good keywords, and many more but if you want to do it the free way you can use the overture keyword tool just type that into the search engine you will find it.

Make sure you do a good job a picking you keyword because you want a keyword that enough people search for a month. Now that you have targeted you keyword you will focus all you efforts to target you traffic at that keyword (ready aim fire!). OK so now we have a keyword now on to step two. Targeted traffic step two,optimize you homepage to that keyword.

Take that keyword and go crazy put it everywhere in you meta tags which break down into meta keywords and meta description if you don’t know what I’m talking about then you should do some quick research on it. Meta tags use to be a big thing for search engines but since most people started stuffing hundreds of keywords into there meta tags it became a problem. For the keywords portion use you targeted keyword in different ways like say your keyword is targeted traffic then you would use (targeted traffic,how to get targeted traffic,buy targeted traffic) and more but you focus is still on you main keyword the other examples you will focus on afterwords and that is when you start seeing the pay off. When writing the meta description make sure the you use the keyword at least two times unless you description is very short.

OK now I’m going to list all the other places your keyword should be. For targeted traffic you should place the keyword in the headline, title, at least one in every paragraph, alt image tag (this is the words that pop up if you hover the mouse over an image), bold the keyword once or twice if it is a long page, make the keyword a link on you page also have it go to some page on your website.

Now that you have done all that your getting closer to targeted traffic to your website, see how I keep using that word targeted traffic it’s because that’s what I’m targeting this article to because when people look for targeted traffic on a search engine I want them to find me because what I offer they could really use to increase there targeted traffic so at the end of this article I will include a link and it will be targeted traffic highlighted which is getting to the main part of targeting your viewer’s.

Links to your website, as far as search engine rank goes this is the most important part the more links you have pointing back at you with you targeted keyword as the anchor text the higher you are ranked for that word. So how to you get those links pointing back at your website. Targeted Traffic step three, you focus should be on building links this can be done by trading links with other websites or link directory’s,writing press releases, writing articles like this one and then submitting them to an article website, use social bookmarking and tag you site as your keyword, leave posts in forums (make sure what you writing is relevant) then put you link in your signature or in the post,and then there are many more ways to promote your website which are very good but right now I’m focusing on raising you up the search engines.

Targeted Traffic is not hard to get it just takes some effort and there are many tools that automate this process so that you can spend more time on the fun parts like spending time with loved ones and cashing checks or whatever you like to do, I would go into more detail about these automated software’s and services but then i might as well write an ebook which I think i might.

So that wasn’t so hard find a keyword, put it in all the important places, then get other websites to point at you with that keyword it’s that easy. I hope you enjoyed this if you know something I don’t or see something that I said that is incorrect please email me I am always learning and if you plan on staying on top you should do the same. OK your ready go out there and get your targeted traffic.

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Question by ChgoLake: How Can I Get Targeted Traffic To My Website?

My website is a deli/catering website specific to the Chicago Metropolitan area and suburbs. How can I get targeted traffic to my website. I do not want global traffic, only from Chicago/Illinois. Thank you for your time.

Best answer:

Answer by R “n” D
register with your local chamber of commerce. Make sure your meta tags include, chicago, illinois, deli, catering, and the name of your business.

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