3 Ways to Make Money Blogging

3 Ways to Make Money Blogging

You own a blog with a good page rank and decent traffic, but now you want to make money blogging. You want to capitalize on all your hard work and effort, but how exactly, do you make money blogging? There are undoubtedly many ways to make money with a blog, but affiliate marketing is probably the most well known method to start bringing in the cash.

So, what is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is a method employed by businesses to drive traffic to their websites. When the owner of a website or blog signs up for an affiliate program, the business then assigns a tracking code, text or banner system to the affiliate to place on their website. When a person goes to the blog or website and clicks the link provided, the affiliate program begins tracking the visitors actions. If the visitor proceeds to buy something from the business, a percentage of the sale goes to you.

1. Clickbank

Clickbank features hundreds of eBooks for you to promote. You simply browse their online catalog for various eBooks by topic. When you find something you like, Clickbank supplies you with a tracking code, just like any other affiliate program. You place a link on your blog and the affiliate program tracks any sales generated by your lead.

2. SwordWares.com

SwordWares.com supplies text links and banners to it’s affiliates. Any sales generated from a click-through will land the affiliate 10% in sales profit.

3. Blogitive

Blogitive is a popular method bloggers are using to make money blogging. The site is actually run as an advertising service offered to businesses. A business usually pays around to use the service, and then as a blog owner, you pick an ad to make by promoting it on your website. Just be careful with this last method, since I’ve heard certain websites are beginning to ban or delete blogs that blatantly promote ads from blogitive.

Now that we know which services to use, just realize that neither of them are get rich quick schemes. You could just place these links randomly on your site and expect the money to come rolling in … but it’s not likely. To make money blogging, it’s all about sales. People trust personal recommendation more than a blatant sales page, and that is why blogs are such a good sales engine to capitalize on.

Keep in mind that it’s very possible to make enough earnings from affiliate marketing to actually live on. But, also keep in mind that over 90% of affiliates and blog-owners will never reach that kind of success. It takes time, patience, and education.

Instead of just placing a standalone link or banner, it’s usually good to accompany the link with some kind of opinion or buzz surrounding the product or service. If you have experience with the product or services being sold on a site, let it be known. Get people excited about the products you’re trying to sell, and you can certainly expect to make money blogging.

Matthew Overstreet is a co-owner of Thornborough Marketing LLC and currently helps to run the Samurai Sword Store, SwordWares.com mentioned in this article.

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