4 Techniques that will help in using Google

4 Techniques that will help in using Google AdWords

To use Google Adwords in your advertising I should first explain Google Adwords and its role in advertising on the internet.

What is Google AdWords?
AdWords is Google’s main advertising product and main source of revenue it was estimated to have generated billion in 2008. AdWords offers pay-per-click (PPC) or CPC as it is sometime referred.

The advertising on Google can be site-targeted advertising for both text and banner ads. The advertising can be local, national, and international. Google’s text advertisements are short and concise consisting of one title line and two content text lines.

How can marketers use AdWords to develop an affective ad?
Google is an “automated auction platform.” A marketer writes his ad and chooses relevant keywords. Relevant keywords are searches or queries that the consumer enters into the search boxes in Google. These searches or queries can consist of 1 to 3 or even more word phrases that the consumers are searching.

A Sample Ad:
Tuesdays Are For The Beach.
Make It Your New Office.
Learn How From The Best.

Once these ads are set up in Google Adwords, called campaigns, a consumer enters a search based on those keywords the marketer entered. Top ads will appear to the consumer under sponsored links on the right side of the web page. If the consumer chooses an ad, he clicks on the link and will be navigated back to the marketer’s site.

As a marketer he understands the difference between Organic and Sponsored links and there significance.

Organic listings is and area on the left side where the “publishers” create pages of content. This area is highly competitive and is considered by Google as the “meat of the content of the internet.”

Sponsored links or listings were advertisers bypass the heavy competitive organic and keywords and capitalize on the traffic.

The big advantage to advertising on Google:
Before Google, the traditional form of advertising you paid for the impression first regardless if anyone purchases a single product. For example, newspaper or magazines an advertiser would pay tremendous amount of money for that spot.

Google Adwords created an auction platform whereby the advertiser only paid when the consumer clicks on his ad eliminating the cost for impression. Therefore, the advertising is free until the consumer makes the decision to visit the site.

What is Pay Per Click or Cost Per Click?
Google does not charge the advertisers to put the ad on the Google Adwords platform. However, Google will charge every time the ad is click upon.

4 Techniques that will help you in using Google AdWords
Google will allow advertisers who have the best ads to move in front of other advertisers regardless of ad spend dollars. This is important to know. Google mission is to provide the consumer the best experience while searching.

Google allows this form of business because Google knows that if the searchers have a good experience searching your ad he will click on your ad more frequently. This consistency with the consumer allows Google to charge the advertiser more money. Remember Google’s model Cost per Click is designed to charge that advertiser every time a consumer clicks on the ad.

Providing the best balance between CPC and quality of advertising will allow the advertiser to get better positioning on the first page, which is where all the money is generated.

The quality score is also used by Google to set the minimum amounts or bids for an advertiser’s keywords. The minimum bid takes into consideration the quality of the landing page as well, which includes the relevancy and originality of content, navigability, and how transparent the business is.

These four techniques may seem obvious and easy to initiate. However, it is these four seemly easy techniques are the most difficult to master. If these four techniques are not followed, the advertiser maybe kicked off Google Adwords.

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