5 Simple Ways To Get People To Join Your Facebook

5 Simple Ways To Get People To Join Your Facebook Page

Now that you have created your Facebook page, what’s next? The answer is obvious – You need to get people to join, right?

By saying that, I do not mean that you should get just about anybody you see on Facebook to join your group. In order for you to be able to reap maximum benefits with your marketing efforts on Facebook, you should only get people who are interested in what your page is about to join.

There are many different ways to go about getting people to join your Facebook page, and in this article, I am going to share with you 5 different ways you can use to let people know of your Facebook page, and entice them to join.

1. Facebook Profile / Wall Post

Do you know that, in your Facebook profile, there is a section that allow you to place links to websites that you have? You can place a link to your newly created Facebook page there.

You can also create a wall post announcing your newly created Facebook page – And entice people to join by offer them a special bonus (such as a free short report on the subject of what your Facebook page is about) which they will get when they click on the “Join” button.

2. Blog

You can announce your newly created Facebook page either in your blog’s sidebar (where all the other navigation options are), or create a blog post about it – Telling your readers what is it about, and how will it benefit them (when they join), along with incentives for joining now (and not later), and finally, a clearly visible link to ask them to click on and join your page.

3. Twitter

If you are already signed up with Twitter and have a large following, you can create a tweet with a link to your newly created page.

4. Email / Email Signature

You can send your subscribers an email (after you have created your Facebook page) and tell them about it.

As always, you should keep your email message short (to about 3 – 4 short paragraphs) by telling them just what they need to know – Such as what the page is about (what purpose is it going to serve) the benefits of joining (what benefits will your subscribers enjoy by joining), and why they should join now (as they will get a freebie as an incentive for joining now).

Also, you can also have link to your Facebook page in your email signature (for those of you who do not know where will your email signature appear, it will appear after the body of the entire email, after you sign off) – This will get your subscribers (who did not see your email about it earlier) to notice it and join.

5. Forum Signature

Similar to an email signature, a forum signature can be found at the bottom of every single post that you post to the forum.

If you are not already on some of the forums in the niche you are in, what you can do is to locate some of these forums, sign up and start participating (either by sharing some useful tips or information, or by helping fellow forum members with problems that they have).

By actively participating in the forum, fellow members will eventually notice you, as well as links in your forum signature (which you have a link to your Facebook page – where they will click on and join).

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Question by jjdubya: Am I supposed to have unique Title/Description tags for popup pages, shopping cart pages, confirmation pages?
I am creating the titles/descriptions for the pages on our new website. There are a lot of pages that are just pop-ups or confirmation pages do I really need to create titles/descriptions for each?

Best answer:

Answer by John F
Not really, no. But I would look during testing to see how the default reads.

You can always go back and fine tune.

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