7 Tips To Finding A Legitimate Internet Business

Internet Business Opportunity
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7 Tips To Finding A Legitimate Internet Business Opportunity

As the Internet moves forward, the number of increasing scams online make it harder to find a legitimate internet business opportunity to make money online with. It can be difficult to sort through all the hype and see which ones are for real.

You may ask yourself how do I find a legitimate internet business opportunity and pick out which ones are scams to avoid. I am going to show you seven things to look out for when searching for a legitimate internet business opportunity.

1. A Proven System – Is the business system a proven model that has been tested through time and will produce results without having to reinvent an old strategy or try new experimental marketing techniques?

2. Overly Hyped Business – You know what I’m talking about. Have you ever seen those websites with a picture of a sports car with some rich guy surrounded by women? Yes, there will always be some hype, but stay away from a business that really over does it. Stay away from any internet business opportunity that will promise you big money for little or no work on your part.

3. How Long Have They Been Around? – I would always research and find out how long a company has been around. Don’t believe what they tell you. Lookup and find out how long ago they registered their domain and this could be a good indicator of if they are lying or not. As a general rule, I would stay away from any internet business opportunity that has been around for three years or less.

4. Training & Marketing Resources – This is a very important one. Every legitimate internet business opportunity should always have the tools available for you to market your business and provide you with full support should you need help getting started. Make sure that you have access to a phone, e-mail or live chat support.

5. Reputation – Before you join any opportunity, make sure that they are with the Better Business Bureau, I-Cop or Better Internet Bureau and in good standing. There are many watchdog organizations online that protect consumers. Also search for the company name and the word “review” or “scam” and see if there are many complaints or negative reviews about them. You are always going to find someone who bad mouths somebody, but an excessive amount triggers a red flag.

6. Requires Large Investment – If you want to be successful with an internet business you are going to have to spend some money and invest in your business if you want to see a return. Not all opportunities are free, but I would look out for any scheme that asks for a very large setup fee for getting into the program. Even if a program asks for money, they should have a free trial that you can sign up for so you can try it out and see if it suits you

7. Your Own Website – If you are serious about starting your own internet business, you are going to need your own website to get started. Many legitimate internet business opportunities provide members with their own affiliate websites that you can use to promote the opportunity or product. You should also be provided with a way to capture leads for your business and have an autoresponder too follow-up with sales messages to turn your prospects into buyers.

These are my seven tips to finding a legitimate internet business opportunity. Use them as a basic guideline and do your research and I can guarantee that you will never be scammed again online. Also remember that even if you find the perfect opportunity, the success is up to you. Nobody can guarantee you success unless you take massive action and do it consistently.

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Question by Joey P: home based business, work from home, work at home, business opportunity,abunza,my internet business?

I am considering trying this mentor out. I have read great reports about him and spoken with some of his satisfied team members.

Does anyone have any information about the new business opportunity called my internet business? This is the online business I was considering signing on for because I will get a two for one if I do it soon. Any help appreciated
I have tried those “free survey scams” never made a dime. I know it takes money to make real money. Why lie, we both know you never tried the program because my internet business is not even launched yet. You have lost credit in my opinion, get $ $ , I will ignore your answer since I know it is wrong and incorrect.

Don’t you think I would try the free ones first before I would consider spending 1000.00 or more?

Please no more free anything answers, they do not work and I wasted years trying to make money for free. There is no free ride in business opportunities….
Seems Yahoo blocked it. If you google millionaireinternetmarketingsystems it comes right up!!!!!!!!!!
I found another one of his websites


Best answer:

Answer by Jennifer F
The link you submitted does not work. Have you tried talking to some of his unsatisfied members — like the ones who dropped out? Sorry, they probably won’t give you those names and contact information.

Rather than try to figure out what the actual link is or actual mentor group is, I did some research on Passport to Wealth, which is a prelude to this ‘my internet business’ site that you have mentioned.

Darren Gaudry is the mastermind behind PPTW – and MIB.
PPTW is a high priced program, selling outdated software for $ 997. There is no residual in selling one time sales of anything, so you are forced to constantly search out new buyers.

I’ve seen the sights that say you can get into MIB free, but then read further where you have to join PPTW first and then you are grandfathered in to the second free. Two different sites by two different ‘mentor teams” make this claim, mentor 4 u is just another team name. One site says that if you don’t join PPTW, then you will pay the higher prices for MIB. Can’t help wonder what the cost of that will be.

You said “This is the online business I was considering signing on for because I will get a two for one if I do it soon” …

That’s a great fear of loss technique that many use…
The big question for me is this: If PPTW is so successful as so many of his followers claim, why does he need to create a spinoff of another company? Some people just love jumping on the ‘pre-launch bandwagon’. Get in before anyone else does…. get in at the top..

I wish you a great deal of luck and success though..

~best wishes to you
Helping others create income from home through education of the system and how it really works.

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