A Proven Way To Increase Your Subscriber Numbers

Re: How this clever little application can increase your opt-in rate by 15% and your email open rate by as much as 50%!

You already know about prospects ignoring your emails. And you’re smart enough to know that although personalizing emails with the recipient name in the email subject may boost open rates sometimes, doing so doesn’t fool anybody into believing the email came from a friend. Back in the old days when email was a novelty, firstname/lastname personalization worked far better than it does today.

Well, those good old days are gone for good and these days your prospects are sorting their emails over the “circular file” (aka “the trash can”). If the email looks like it came from a friend it gets opened… while almost everything else gets relegated to the garbage.

This new technology actually solves a major email marketing bugaboo. The program is so clever, it makes emails appear to come from real friends, and it gets emails opened! Wait ’til you see for yourself the kind of results you can get!

There’s hidden cash in your email lists. That’s because your email lists are made up of real people who have needs your products can meet, money to spend on your products, and the desire to solve problems your products will solve for them. Your lists are filled with walking, talking ATMs you can milk for cash income (if you can get into their “inner circle” of trust). The reason you aren’t getting at that easy money is you are not in their “inner circle” and until you get there, you’re not going to get the cash.

Just give me a few minutes to show you how this technology is a breakthrough and, if you take your email marketing seriously, not something you can afford to be without.

In email marketing; recipients scan inboxes for subject lines promising content worth reading. Those that don’t grab attention go ignored or get deleted; it doesn’t matter which, because the result is they don’t get read.

“Maximum list-building mojo and maximum open-rates – this new technology pumps-up your list size and boost your email response too”

You know name personalization sometimes boosts response to email, but it doesn’t work as well as it used to. It’s tempting to always try to collect names as well as emails when running opt-in campaigns, but by asking for both a name and an email, it causes a fair drop in opt-in numbers.

In short, research has proven that you’ll get the most opt-ins when you ask for email address only.

This new smart script personalizes email in a way that you’ll find even more powerful than old-fashioned firstname/lastname personalization.

(Boosts opt-in numbers because you’ll collect emails only, while the Smart App identifies subscriber names and genders)

2 people visit your squeeze page. We will call them “David” and “Susan”. They are both interested in signing up to your newsletter. Especially since they don’t have to put their names into the signup form, They only have to type out their email address. Presto! David…