A Secret Facebook Marketing Strategy

A Secret Facebook Marketing Strategy

Facebook has become the preferred social networking platform of marketers over MySpace. The fact that Facebook has over 200 million users now from across the globe makes it a very appealing platform to market on. Thousands of marketers are using Facebook for their marketing purposes but most are amateurish spammers. I don’t doubt that you know the sort of thing I’m talking about, there is always an email from someone or another telling you how great their opportunity is and that you must sign up right away, or constant status up dates to the same effect.

If we know how to do it properly then we can use Facebook as an effective marketing platform. Facebook is a social platform and therefore our first and foremost purpose is to develop relationships with people. There is a right time for revealing our business to people and it should happen in the natural path of relationship building.

Following are 6 simple methods to start using FB to grow your online business,

1) Create your profile focused around you so that people can learn about you and relate to you, you want to have plenty of pictures of you and your family. Folks will be interested in finding out who YOU are and not just about what business you are involved with

2) Start searching for groups relevant to your market and start adding friends. Think outside the box and don’t just go for the ‘online business, MLM, network marketing’ groups.

3) Try and seek out groups that are in your field of interest and become a member. You might want to share your knowledge on the group wall which offers value to folks, most groups will allow this. Often I will let groups know about new content that I have written or post videos, people get useful information from it and it encourages them to subscribe to my list and eventually some then go on to join my business.

4) You can make your own groups. Once you have done this send out invitations for others to join your group or you can even use FB advertising services to attract new members. It is very similar to building a list.

5) Try putting your content on your friends walls and also to your own. Lots more people will see your content if you do this and it’s a great way to get your content posted all over the internet. Its always vital to remember that you want to be offering good quality original useful content otherwise you will just annoy people and they will most probably remove you from their network.

6) Produce a ‘friend welcome’ video that new friends will view. People love to be personally greeted and there are only very very few FB users who are using this strategy.

When you know how to do it right Facebook is a very effective marketing tool.

To become an effective Facebook markete


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Question by Jake: Help !! Read My Business Plan!!?
Hello There’ Im 16 years old and in each day i grow i begin to think seriously ;” !!
im a teenager who always fail in all subject except for one thing ‘ BUSINESS ‘ I Go Out with friends ‘ but i don’t rlly like to ask my parents for money ‘ i think im old enough to make my own money ‘its been a couple of months now im studying investing and the stock market ‘ im having a list of companies and there everyday information ‘ im going to invest my money in 2 or 3 companies and i have a own strategy and i know what can go up also can get DOWN !! im going to invest money in stocks on my own i have money that i cant invest ‘ i have 250 dollars ‘ and if everything is going as succeed it will double up and so on !! ‘ i have read a Lott about investing and stocks and after a while i wanna make money online by purchasing a website with a new idea like facebook etc …. and so on !!
do you think that i can be a millionaire or have a successful life ‘ or even be rich when im a teenager like having always money when i go out with friends?? ” any tips ?

Thank YOu !!

Best answer:

Answer by blessed2bhome
Hello. I had to post this, because this guy is popping up everywhere. (above me) Remember almost 20% of work-from-home oppertunities are scams. Always do your reasearch, and because of laws, unfortunantly, in any legit oppertuniy, you must be at least 18.

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