Are You Suffering From Backlink Building

Ever Wondered Why, Even After Building 100s of Backlinks for Your Website, You Are Still Not Getting the Amount of Traffic You Should?

There are hundreds of marketers selling the so-called “backlink packets”. Some sell you a packet of “high pagerank” blog links, some others sell you a list of “high pagerank” forum links, and yet others sell you a list of “high quality” profile backlinks! In essence, these lists give you a bunch of sites where you can build backlinks for your sites, thereby increasing the traffic and pagerank of your sites.

=>Angela’s Backlinks =>Paul’s Backlinks =>Terry Kyle’s “BACKLINKS BLACK BELT REPORT” =>Any other “backlink packet”

(Please note that I am not taking a dig at anyone; the above is given here strictly for example purposes only!)

I hope you get my point now? There are many, many such backlink packets being sold at Warrior forum and the digitalpoint forum, and people buy them like crazy. Why?

a) The packets save you time by providing you with a list of actual sites where you can build backlinks! The alternative you have is to use tools like the Backlinkchecker tool or yahoo explorer to search for such “high pagerank” sites, which, as I am sure you know already, is just too time consuming and frustrating!

b) These packets are cheap. They usually sell for no more than $5-$15, with an occasional $47 product popping up once in a while!

Back to the original point: have you ever wondered why, after building backlinks with the help of these packets for several months, your position at the top of Google is hardly stable? If I am not wrong, one week you see your site at the top and the next week it is probably two places down.

Some SEO gurus say that “profile backlinks don’t work”, while others believe that “nofollow backlinks are useless”. I don’t believe in any of these theories at all!

Tell you what? Profile links WORK. and Google has started recognizing nofollow links of late. So what is the problem with your link building process?

The answer is simple: I would bet that at least half (if not more) of all the links you have built either no longer exist, or have not been indexed by Google (feel free to verify this yourself!). I call these sites “bad links”!

1. Your profile does not get indexed in Google even after several months, no matter how many places you link to it from!

2. Your are restricted from putting any form of links at all until you reach a special criteria (such as a senior level membership, or frequent poster)

6. Additional URL parameters are added to your URLs to deliberately make your backlinking efforts useless

8. Your forum post is moved into the “moderation” queue as soon as you add any links in it at all (and obviously, those links would be deleted by the moderator before your post is approved)

(NOTE that I don’t believe in the “nofollow does not work” crap. I don’t list a site in my PDF if its…