Article Submission Service

Article marketing is used by the majority of web developers as it offers the chance for cheap advertising with little effort. Some marketers will submit the articles themselves, while others prefer to pay for a professional article submission service, when they lack the time and the means to conduct the operations themselves. Articles can be submitted manually or automatically, although preference goes for the manual type since it ensures better search engine rankings.

With an article submission service, you will get your web content disseminated on more than 500 directories, which definitely brings a very high market exposure. If you shop around for a company to work with, you will see that the offer is pretty varied. And besides the regular article submission service you can get some extra features and facilities such as RSS submission, blog posts, access to ping directories and lots of others. This kind of services are free if you sign a business contract with an article submission service provider.

It is important to check the requirements, as well as the terms and conditions before you choose an article submission service. The contract regularly follows the application or the filling in of an order form. The articles you need to submit should be around 350 or 400 word long. Pay great attention to the links you incorporate in the body. The regulations are pretty strict for the matter, particularly since directories impose limitations. The author bio box or the resource box will normally include two or three links.

With an article submission service you get your details specified at the bottom of the page but together with the provider’s user-name. It is important to have high quality materials to work with because the acceptance ratio is variable and sometimes an article cannot meet a certain category. Fortunately, with an article submission service, you get access to lots of niche directories that you are not even aware of. It is the provider’s job to get take care of this.

Some companies will send reports others won’t. You can work with a very good article service that only sends notifications on submitted data. The thing is that reports take a lot of time, and many companies do not find it profitable to carry on with such tasks. Anyway, you should not expect results overnight because it takes time for article submission to work. Once it gets approved in the directory, Google indexation follows. All in all, your business exposure will start to improve in the three or four months following article submission.

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