Article Submitter

An article submitter seems to be a great tool when you are struggling with a huge amount of work and you have so many articles to submit that you lack the time to handle all the operations manually. This is the time when an article submitter appears as a time-saving solution. And this is partly true. Yet, there are both advantages and disadvantages when it comes to using an article submitter.

With an automatic tool, you can achieve submission in hundreds of directories in just a couple of hours. This leaves more time for article writing, website optimization and other business-related tasks.

The article submitter identifies new article directories that appear on the Internet. It thus performs automatic updates regularly.

The problem is that some tools cannot work with hyper-links included in the article content. There are article directories that allow the presence of hyper-links, and it would be a pity to miss the opportunity.

The selection of the right category could be another challenge for the use of an article submitter due to the fact that the categories vary from directory to directory. If you get your articles submitted in the wrong category, there are chances for it to be deleted, which means you’ve achieved nothing.

Then, the article submitter can only be used for those article directories where you have active accounts. The tool can login automatically only if it has previously recorded your user name and password for a certain account. This is in fact that basics of the entire automatic operation.

These being said, we have to stress out once more that you should not make a rush decision and buy an article submitter unless you are making an informed decision. The idea here is to weigh the pros and cons and based on objective information you can determine whether the article submitter is a good investment or not. You should check system compatibility, the technical features of the product and its complexity in terms of usage.

You can make an idea about one type of tool or another by reading some reviews, testing the program in demo versions and talking to other people who have used the software before. Moreover, you can get recommendations for the best program to be used for your business situation, if the context is a bit more specific. If used correctly, the article submitter could be a great help, even if you run partly manual, partly automatic submission.