Autoblogging: What You Should Know

Autoblogging is simply a methodology for automating blog content. Traditionally, when you set up a blog you then either create the content by hand yourself, or you hire a freelancer to create the content for you. Either way it is both time consuming or expensive. But with autoblogging and the Massive Passive Profits system, you simply set up the blog once, set up the automated content stream and the blog updates itself on auto-pilot generating passive income for you while you focus on doing other things.

But isn’t autoblogging a ‘black hat’ technique that will get your site banned? I can hear you asking that question and I will tell you that if you set up your blogs properly following a proven method such as Massive Passive Profits your sites will not get banned and you will finally start generating some real passive income from blogging.

What is Massive Passive Profits? It’s a mass deploy autoblogging format that automates the creation of WordPress multiuser sites and content. No longer do you have to sweat about your sites getting banned, and WordPress multi-user platform saves time and effort of logging in and out of and maintaining multiple blogs. With this elegant solution, autoblogging becomes a complete no-brainer and you are free to point and click to create and launch new blogs on the fly and watch you bank account grow as you add new blogs.

With autoblogging your blogs will generate income in much the same way as a traditional, hand written blog, but because they are so quick to set up, and effortless to maintain you can focus on generating a large quantity of blogs and on generating traffic to those blogs.

You would begin by doing your keyword research to find profitable niches, install WordPress, add then follow along with Massive Passive Profits to set up your niche blogging empire.

Now bear in mind that these are not going to be pretty, award-winning blogs that you’ll be inviting your family members to visit. What you will be doing, is gathering up and providing useful content around your chosen topic to your blog visitors that are searching for information on your topic. You’ll choose ads and CPA offers that will appeal to those visitors and eventually these blogs will start generating cash for you automatically.

Setting up an autoblogging empire does not take a lot of time or effort, and once everything is set up and humming along you can move on to other projects while your little blog farm continues to produce month in and month out.

So, if you are willing to invest just a little bit of time to set up the Massive Passive Profits system you will soon see lifestyle-altering income streams flowing in from you ever growing autoblogging empire.

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Create an AutoBlog Using Blogger (Video Lessons)

Auto blogging enables you to bring in content to your blog automatically that someone else has written for you. This

makes the content creation part of the process extremely easy. You don’t have to think about topics to write about or go to the trouble

of writing them.

Why people would write content and allow others to use it as content on their blogs. They allow it because there are links

back to their site within the content which allows them to potentially steal some of yo

Price: $ 12.95

Question by khalil: how to do auto blogging, does any body know?
i saw an add of a website , they provide autoblogging, what is autoblogging and how does it work?

Best answer:

Answer by Khamsa Bi
autoblogging is the latest technology where software search data, change it and post it without human being. there are lot of autoblogs in the market while the best one is wprobot3. its my favourite. i am also using it is best website came accross for making money through blogging specially autoblogging.

feel free to ask any further

Give your answer to this question below!Question by Don M: WordPress design capabilities – is this design possible?
I’m toying with the idea of creating an affiliate marketing website/blog using wordpress. I really like some of the magazine style themes, especially the MagPress theme. What I would like to know is whether or not it is possible to create half static/half blog pages within WordPress? I know you can do both individually, but can you do both on the same page. I’ll give an example of what I am looking for.

I want a homepage in which the top half is “static” in that it never changes, while about midway down its sectioned off into different categories of blog posts showing new posts and featured posts. I would also like a menu bar that had about 5-7 different items (5-7 different products) and on each one of those pages have the same half static/half blog aspect as well. That way I could advertise the product at the top, then below use some type of autoblogging plugin that constantly changes the posts with new posts about the individual products, mainly so visitors can get different reviews of the products. Is this possible?

Best answer:

Answer by WordPressBizEngine
I know for a fact you can do this with the Headway Theme for WordPress but it costs money and has a bit of a learning curve. I am not sure if any free themes offer this.

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New York, NY (PRWEB) November 4, 2004 –

Today Weblogs, Inc. (, the largest publisher of professional blogs, announced the launch of their 58th and 59th Weblogs—“The CSS Weblog” with James Jackson and “The Unofficial Photoshop Weblog” with Glenn Hauman. The blogs can be found at and

Jason McCabe Calacanis, Weblogs, Inc. co-founder, says, “We’re thrilled to expand our web development and design category, especially with these two gurus who are working in this space 24×7.”

New CSS blogger, James Jackson, started programming at age 8 and is passionate about ‘Cascading Style Sheet’ innovations. James has been working with CSS for four years, now, and it has become his main method of design. James feels that “Web pages aren’t just about giving people the information they want… it’s making sure they can access that information in the simplest and most elegant of ways.”

Weblogs, Inc. is honored to be welcoming Glenn Hauman, who has been called a “young Turk of publishing” by the New York Observer and a “Silicon Alley Veteran” by Crain’s New York Business. Hauman, a founder of BiblioBytes,, and, also enjoys writing for Star Trek and X-Men books, challenging unconstitutional laws in court, and banging his head into chandeliers.

In addition to Jackson and Hauman, Judith Meskill, Editorial Director, is delighted to add the following new bloggers to the Weblogs, Inc. team: Edward Ho (; Elizabeth Hoyt (; Stephen Hill (; Steve Parsons (; and Walter J Keegan Jr. (

About Weblogs, Inc.

Weblogs, Inc. ( was founded on January 1st 2004 with the mission of creating industry-leading blogs across hundreds of content niches. In ten months the firm has created 59 blogs in partnership with dozens of bloggers who bring expertise from their fields. The network of blog has also attracted blue-chip advertisers such as Google, Suzuki, HP, Bose, Palm, Microsoft and Audible. The firm raised an angel round of funding in March of 2004 from legendary Internet pioneer Mark Cuban.

Contact Information:

Jason McCabe Calacanis

Weblogs, Inc.


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