Backlink Bomb Seo Software For Thousands Of

“Explode your sites pottential and never worry about competition again – The Auto backlink Bomb generates thousands of backlinks freeing up your time and shooting your site infront of your competition making it burst with targeted traffic”

Today I present to you a solution to eliminate the need of tedious backlink building, a solution to grow your websites exposure, a solution to eliminate the need of subscription based backlink packages, a solution to give your website wings to fly past your competition and gain high search engine rankings while having the ability to scrape the search engines for thousands of high authority backlinks and pull them back with the touch of a button!!

These platforms are very popular and are used by literally thousands of websites around the net. So any of the above named platform urls fed into the software will work. The software will auto create your accounts – automatically verify emails and then auto post your backlinks- The software takes it one step further by Mashing up your profile and blog urls into 1 giant Rss Feed and then pinging it to the top Ping sites for Rapid Indexing – Did I mention how the software will submit your Rss Feed to 10 powerfull Rss sites? Welll it does that too 🙂

Best of all you can have your captchas filled out automatically and spin your text to ensure you are posting unique text.

Mashes up your profile and blog url’s into one giant Rss feed then pings them to the top ping sites to ensure your backlinks get indexed in realtime

I’m one of the luckiest person to have a free run on this application and I must say its just simple but pretty powerful in terms of linkbuilding to the four site platforms stated. The bot runs very smoothly and very fast unlike any other ubot compiled scripts which is very buggy and full of errors. The package also consists of all the bots you need in your linkbuilding campaigns which is very helpful cause you don’t need another bot to buy for scraping or for email verification. I have some success for my first run last night following the instructions. abs really did a good job on creating these bots and all the things he said and showed in the videos are perfectly run by the bots. I don’t have anything else to say cause when you use these bots, I’m pretty sure all your expectations will be meet or even surpassed. Three Thumbs Up on this one… Cheers

I bought this software 2 weeks ago and have already created over 4000 backlinks – its so quick and easy to create links with that im actually scared that I am over doing it lol..

I also have scrapebox but tested out the Link finder that comes with the software – all I have to say is wow – its actually faster then using scrapebox.

Honestly guys grab yourselves a bargain – this is one of the if not the best seo link…