Building a Web Site For Dummies® Reviews

Building a Web Site For Dummies®

The bestselling guide to building a knockout Web site, newly updatedAn effective Web site is the key to success for every venture from class reunions to major corporations. And since Web technology changes rapidly, Building a Web Site For Dummies, 4th Edition is fully updated for the cutting-edge tools and trends.If you need to build and maintain a Web site, even if your experience is severely limited, this book makes it easy and fun. You’ll learn to plan, design, create, launch, and maintain yo

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5 thoughts on “Building a Web Site For Dummies® Reviews ”

  1. Review by Water Monkey for Building a Web Site For Dummies®
    Read the title! This is not an HTML book. If you are hoping to be able to code your first web site after reading this book, you might struggle a bit.This is a decent book on how to construct a web site. As with most “Dummies” books the explanations seem to drag. However, I have found that they can be a good introduction to a subject, if the reader is truly “in the dark”.If you have never written any type of computer program, or if you struggle with using your computer, and are still set on creating your own web page (go for it; they aren’t that tough) buy this book and “HTML for Dummies”. The combination of the two will get you up and running.

  2. Review by for Building a Web Site For Dummies®
    When the “Dummies” series books first came out, they were truly for “dummies”. Apparently not so anymore. Right on the cover of this book is the phrase “Go from Web surfer to site developer”. Well, web surfer I am, and what I was looking for was a book to give me the ABSOLUTE BASICS about creating a web site. This book assumes that you as the reader, already know how to create a web site!! HELLO!! If I knew how to create a web site, I wouldn’t need the book, thanks. Page 2 “Foolish Assumptions”: “We figure that you have some kind of experience with creating web pages.” WHAT?! I thought this book was going to turn me from a surfer to a developer. Page 27: the first line of chapter 3 reads “This chapter’s here just in case you need a refresher on basic web page building before…” CHAPTER 3! Refresher! This book obviously should be titled “Enhancing Your Web Site for Dummies”. This book does not even explain to a “Dummy” how to create the file necessary to create a web page. What a waste of twenty bucks.

  3. Review by for Building a Web Site For Dummies®
    If you are looking to code a webpage or site, buy this book along with HTML 4 for the WWW by E. Castro. Castro’s book is easy to follow and deals with multi-browser webpage construction. This Dummies book does give you a good feel about the practical things to consider when constructing a website. Not just about creating a page with links and pictures, but about practical navigation construction and how to build websites for a particular audience (ie. websites for your family versus an e-commerce site). Some useful info here, but they should not jump into HTML without creating a good feel for it in this book–try Castro’s or HTML for Dummies–becuase this book could have served one better if it stuck with the key ingredients for a decent site, then had a small primer for HTML or recommended good HTML books. For other website design books, try Web Usability by J. Neilsen. This is an ok book that deal with the problems associated with website construction–Web Usability has color pictures and is not dependent on any one design software package.

  4. Review by for Building a Web Site For Dummies®
    I purchased this book in October 2003 and, even though I was a total beginner, I quickly realized that it is completely out of date!! DO NOT BUY THIS BOOK TODAY. This book was published in October 2000, and web programming and publishing programs have evolved so much since that there is barely anything relevant in this book anymore. After some further research, I decided that the best way for me to build my website was to learn one of the ‘HTML visual editor’ programs, and I purchased a recent book on DreamweaverMX which has all I need.

  5. Review by Niels Steeman for Building a Web Site For Dummies®
    If you are that “Dummy” who wants to know how to build a web-site, then this is not the book for you. It tells you hardly how to build, it tells more about links which can help you making your web-site look more cool. You have to have some HTML cq Dreamweaver experience to understand the context of what the writer wants to clarify.

    By reading the book and going through the enclosed CD Rom with ty-out software, I soon came to the conclusion that the title of the book is somewhat misleading. See comments above why.

    If you are that “Dummy” who has not a single thread of knowledge about building web-sites, then do NOT buy this book.

    Not giving it 1 star (but I was close), there are some interesting chapters in this reference giude, but typing what you want to have inside your web-site (links and related web-sites with loads of info what comprises around 50% of the book). you will get the same information from any search engine.

    Recommendation: concentrate first on a book, that teaches you the basic HTML-programming language, continue then with either a Dreamweaver/FrontPage manual. You’re much better off…

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