Dupecop Desktop V2

Hi, I’m John Rennick and took a Internet marketing since 2005. I also worked in the departments of many Fortune 500 companies, development of computer software solutions to meet diverse needs.

Like you, I found my content get for me and my clients websites in a variety of ways, including the single purchase and PLR.

In 2006, I decided that I needed a way to measure how much they rewrite PLR articles. I also found that I wanted to rewrite in a different scope depending on the goal that has provided the content.

I searched on the Internet, the demands of my way, and although there are a few options, none had the features I wanted. And raised the idea of the DupeCop.

DupeCop Desktop compare 2 objects of contents and determines the unique character with a search-engine friendly algorithm …

It is thought that Google (and other search engines) to determine the duplicate contents, partly based on expressions of different lengths.

DupeCop Desktop compares words and phrases in the original article with the rewritten version to determine the only% or as the article has changed.

Shows that an indicator if the new text is very different from the publish on the web or directory section, depending on the configuration of the user;

Includes the ability to enter a keyword, clave-phrase and a performance by the keyword density for each piece of text.

The ability to edit and save the modified text directly from the DupeCop, which allows you to compare, edit and compare again, without leaving the program;

Now, not only two fragments of text can be compared, but the change of DupeCop Advisor are fragments of the text reproduced in the article original and amended, which provides information about how to obtain the unique target percentages quickly.

I think it’s clear that Desktop DupeCop may have an impact on his work of rewriting almost immediately, but don’t take just my word …

DupeCop 2.0 is simple and easy to use. This is what he said will do so quickly. Of course, this works as advertised.

Just had to write and thank you for creating DupeCop. As an author based on the distribution of this article, the original content is extremely important to me-software has reduced by 70% the time they devoted to verify my work!

A purchaser of Office DupeCop v2, you will also have access to go from full of life, the online version of DupeCop.

Maybe you want to quickly compare the articles and do not have the additional functionality of Office tool.

Or maybe it would give access to the author of the version of Office, but want to be able to use the online version to check out his work.

Or maybe, like me, are sneaking in a rewrite of the article in their daily work, and you can’t install software on your computer to work.

You are no longer in the dark on the amount of resources or outsourcing PLR content have changed.

You can ensure that you get the most expensive for content reuse and redevelopment, without …