Email Direct Marketing

Direct marketing is a sales method which is a deviation from the traditional marketing methods, and is
used to reach the potential consumer directly. Emails, leaflets, catalogues, brochures, coupons and
telephone sales are methods used to reach potential customers, for sale of products as well as services, through direct marketing.

One would wonder what makes direct marketing so popular. The main reason is the effectiveness of the
marketing strategy, where the potential consumer is directly targeted and reached for marketing
purposes. In addition it is considered to be a very budget friendly marketing strategy, which can reach
a large number of consumers.
Among all these methods email direct marketing is on the rise, and is a very popular method of marketing. email direct marketing can be used for several purposes, such as sending emails or email greetings to enhance a relationship with previous or current customer, sending emails in order to acquire new customers, sending emails with advertisements of other companies attached to it with the intention of promoting the other company.

When acquiring new consumers, email direct marketing is used to directly email advertisements to a targeted audience. In order to use this method successfully, it is important that the company
concerned possesses a collection of email addresses. It will be very useful to also have basic
information on the owner of the email address, such as name, age group, profession, occupation and other details that would assist in identifying the target market segment.

Most companies who opt for email direct marketing, solicit the help of an advertising agent, who will possess databases with consumer information.

email direct marketing is sometimes used for promotional marketing as well, where promotions are made
known to the consumer in an attractive manner.
Some of these emails consist of a raffle draw or some promotional activity where the recipent is given
a promise to be entered into a raffle draw, if he or she would email the advertisement to a specific
number of email addresses. Recipients who are attracted by these prizes offered, forward the
advertisements to addresses in their address book, copying a particular email address as specified in
the advertisement. These new addresses too are then acquired by the marketing or advertising agent for
further promotions. In addition the email keeps propagating due to its attractiveness thus reaching a
large audience.
email direct marketing is very successful because of this.

Even though the agent is able to keep a tab of the email recipients, a drawback in email direct marketing, is that a precise count of all the emails that were successful cannot be derived as some of the emails may end up in the recipients junk folders. But this is not a major concern, and is negligible, as the email reaches a large number consumers thus making email direct marketing one of the most successful methods of marketing.