Facebook Management Tips

Facebook Management Tips

Facebook is a great social networking site. Not only is it good for socializing, it is a great place to build network. You can use face book for marketing purposes, with special facebook marketing strategy, you can gain publicity by advertising your face book page.

In spite of all the positive aspects of facebook, there is a small hitch. People face certain problems. Accounts get hacked, people get tagged in pictures they when they are unwilling. These are some of the many reasons why people need facebook management tips to handle facebook better.

Some Facebook Management Tips For You:

•MAKE GOOD USE OF YOUR FRIEND LIST: filter your friend list by arranging important people in groups. You can group friends based on some preferences. About the groups  that you create, remember a few things:

You may add 1 particular person in more than just 1 group.

Groups of friends should be used in the manner of tags.

There are separate privacy settings that you may impose on these lists.

•YOU CAN HIDE FROM PEOPLE THAT YOU ARE ON FACE BOOK BY SIMPLY HIDING YOURSELF FROM THE FACEBOOK SEARCH: This is a great way for reputation management. This application is very useful to those who are teachers and other people belonging to the like profession. For some reason or the other you do not want everyone to know about your personal life.


1.Go to settings and click on the privacy setting page.

2.You will come across a section called search visibility. Change the search visibility from “everyone” to “only friends”.

3.You need to then save the changes that you have made to your account. You might do everything correct, but if you leave out this step, all your efforts go waste.

4.ADVARTISING YOUR FACE BOOK PAGE: this social site can be used for many productive purposes. For example, if you have to promote goods or services, or you want to generate some positive thought for a cause, you can d it by advertising on your face book home page. This is a face book marketing strategy.

5.HOW TO AVOID BEING TAGGED IN PHOTOS OR IN VIDEOS BY FRIENDS AND BY ASSOCIATES: it is indeed very frustrating sometimes to be tagged in certain photos or in some videos. Many people have faced dire consequences because of this. They have not been aware of the tagged photos and videos and have landed in trouble. To do away with this problem you need to visit the privacy setting page. Then you will come across “photos tagged of you”. Select “only me”. Your job is done!

These were the face book management tips and tips on CMR on face book.

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Question by Matt: How to get facebook fans/ likes for my page?
We always see facebook fanpages with thousands and even hundred thousand likes. But how did they manage that? I think social promotion or facebook advertising isn’t just enough. Yes, there are lots of tips and tricks articles available online but there is not short cut. And it demands huge time and effort to grow a long list of fans.

Now can anyone suggest me any service or anything that can provide me with facebook likes?
Or someone whom I can hire to promote my page and increase like (fan) count?

Best answer:

Answer by adrina_lim
you’ll just have to wait or invite your friends

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