Fanpage Simplified

The Most Complete, Step-by-Step Professional Training System for the New Facebook Fan Page Timeline Layout

Facebook is making MANDATORY changes to all Fan Page layouts. And with dozens of new features and updates.. this breakthough system, FanPage Simplified, will give you everything you need to get more fans, more leads and more exposure on Facebook!

How to turn something simple, like your profile picture, into a list builder. And how to avoid the common mistakes most people make.

While a thumbnail might be small – a custom thumbnail be very powerful. Whether you want to get more fans or sell directly, you can’t miss this module.

How to create FREE custom tabs that instantly turn your Fan Page into a list building machine. With NO programming. Watch this now.

How to use a new Fan Page feature to not only build more relationships with your customers – you can turn it into a retention builder.

Using this “stealth” method, you’ll see what your “fans” like, their ages, their hobbies and more.. so you can attract even MORE fans!

Everything you need to know about managing your Fan Page including permissions, layouts, tabs and much more. This will make your life.. easy.

Discover the easiest way to rapidly grow your fan base with just a few simple mouse clicks. It takes just 2 minutes.

Using this new Fan Page addition, you can get more fans and sell more products with built-in event and milestone features.

Right now, “pinning” is the hottest social event on the web. And you’ll see EXACTLY how to take advantage to ramp up your traffic.

The true “secret sauce” to getting more fans and getting more people to click your “like” button.

Discover the secret Facebook algorithm – and see how to make sure your posts are seen so they become more viral!

The New York born, SocialRank Media Founder and CEO, Rosh Khan has created the social media strategy and web presence for hundreds of companies and brands across the globe. His company, SocialRank Media, provides social media solutions so that brands can amplify their message across social networks.

This strategy will absolutely blow you away.. Using a 100% FREE tool – Rosh will show you EXACTLY how to grab hot, “real-time” leads on Facebook.

Imagine being able to get in front of people who are actually looking for your business, products or services.. and it’s all in REAL TIME. Oh yeah – did I mention it’s free?

You’ll discover how to optimize your conversion rates and create the ultimate lead generation machine. If you want to build your list – you MUST watch this training today (every day you delay is potentially hundreds of leads you are losing!

$500 EXPERT BONUS TRAINING #3: How to Dominate Your Competition and Become #1 In Your Market (no matter how competitive it is!)

In this training, Rosh rolls up his sleeves and gets down & dirty. It’s definitely not for the timid.

He discovered a FREE tool that will show you how to gain insight into ALL your competitors and virtually “steal” their fans.And when you tap…