Free Article Submission

Free article submission is available with most article directories. The most well-known example here is that of the famous, but this directory is not at all singular. Once you create an account with the directory, you can submit your materials in the categories that best correspond to your domain, product or service. Besides free article submission, there are several directories that work on the basis of paid membership.

Both free and paid submission are valid options for marketers eager to promote their business and achieve a superior exposure level. Although there are not too many differences between the various directories, you can notice variations in the submission rules. Thus, some directories will only allow the inclusion of simple URLs in the author resource box, while others will also work well with anchor text links, present in the article content too. The present tendency is to focus more on anchor text links because they are more relevant for traffic and sales.

For both paid and free article submission, materials have to pass an approval stage. In most cases this is just a formality, but you should be very keen on the quality of the content you provide. Pay attention to grammar and spelling, use an optimal keyword density and make sure you don’t break the rule of duplicate content. Article directories check your materials for duplication, and unless you provide original content, you will not receive publication or submission approval.

When to use free article submission? Lots of web developers may ask themselves this question before launching into an article marketing project, however, experts say that for this particular case the best moment is right now. Writing articles and submitting them to Internet directories, social networks, blogs and forums can have very numerous benefits for your business evolution. As long as you provide good quality, people will want to read more or learn more and you will get numerous web visitors with a huge potential of converting into real business clients.

There are hundreds of directories that allow free article submission, but instead of trying to create accounts with them all, you should begin by identifying the most relevant ones. Lots of successful business owners and professionals in Internet marketing claim that submission with top ten article directories is the most powerful and effective of all.