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I got married began marketing in 2004, unsuccessfully, to its affiliates, but keeps in my spare time. I was present in all the SEO, (white and Black Hat) tactics and has developed an excellent product. Finally found great success in 2007 in British Colombia and CJ for one of my Forex products, selling over 3,000 copies of my software $ 149 to pop music, ended up left so much to make my day job as a retail Manager in Brooklyn New York and became an affiliate marketing full time Web Developer. Things couldn’t be better.

In 2009, sales of my software came suddenly. Not because my software was not, but because the market is so saturated with affiliate products. There was too much competition in my niche. In mid 2009, I fix. I tried to do my job as a manager of retail sales, but the economy is very low; Don’t have.

I’ve heard success stories of app on children in millions of Geeta apps that have me really interested. I thought I could do better then an app of Geeta, so I bought a couple of books in the development of a dozen app and started coding.

Is that my experience has been in the field of Internet Marketing … I took a completely different approach to deploy my apps then the traditional method of “$ 1 app” ….

Instead of making trivial applications and charging people a buck … I used the technology as a platform to give free apps, so it could build a huge list targeted opt-in email.

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