Get One Way Links

One way links are links to your website from other websites which do not receive a link from your website. One way links are wonderful as they send a strong message to search engines: your website is so interesting and so useful that other websites want to tell people about it. They also increase your link popularity, link popularity being the number of web pages liked to your site. One also receives direct traffic to one’s website from people who click on these one way links. For the above reasons everyone wants to get one way links. And there are many ways to do so.

One way to get one way links is by creating a useful and interesting website. This way other websites would naturally link to it. Or one can also get one way links by submitting your website to major online search directories. You can also submit articles to online newsletters, which have archives online. One can also submit articles to article directories about your website. Publishing articles on your website and asking other sites to publish them on theirs is another way to get one way links. Also one can write testimonials about products you love and post it on your website. Companies often post testimonials on their site along with a link to the submitting website. Another way to get one way links is by participating in online forums. Some of these allow a text link to your website through a signature. One can also buy text link advertisements in other websites or buy advertisements in newsletters, those that are related to your topic of interest and those that have online archives. To get one way links, search for industry specific search directories and submit your website to them. Also giving away free ebooks or white papers with links to your website is yet another way to get one way links. Create a simple, web-based and available for free software. Or create downloadable software with a link to your website. Discuss about it in online forums, submit articles with regard to it in online newsletters and tell other websites about it. This is an easy way to get one way links. Join an online industry-specific business association, especially ones which list their members’ websites online. One can also regularly pen news releases and submit them to Internet news wires. Or make arrangements for other websites to archive your old newsletters.

Another way to get one way links is by creating a blog and having it listed in blog directories. Or feature something extremely funny and outrageous or extremely unique and out of the ordinary on your website: this is sure to get people linking to your site.

One way links are great for traffic to your site and for increasing your link popularity. And there are some very easy ways to get one way links.