Google Adwords Marketing: A Quick And Affordable

Google Adwords Marketing: A Quick And Affordable Way To Promote Your Site On Google

It is an established fact that high search engines results are directly related to higher rate of sales online. Not surprisingly it has become the goal of every website to have acquired a top ten ranking search engines especially Google. Google search results are of two types – generic or organic results and non-organic or sponsored. The organic results which appear on the left side of your screen are free. This means they don’t pay to the search engine when visitors click on them. However, it had taken them a considerable effort in terms of time and investments to get to the place where they belong. For sites which cannot afford both time and bigger budget, PPC or pay per click advertising services of Google known as Google AdWords is a viable alternative. This is an affordable and quick way of listing your site under the sponsored links. You pay an amount to the search engine only when visitors click on your site.

Google AdWords marketing can promote your website by allowing you to bid on selected keywords. But first of all you need to create an AdWord account with Google. The AdWord consists of a title, a two-line text and your URL. Then you add a list of keywords that you think can best optimize your site. A bid is set for each of the keywords. This also decides your site’s position and placement on the search page sponsored results. Higher the bid is, better is the position of your ad. You can hire professional services to run your Google AdWords campaign. The professional service is required because a constant monitoring of your keywords and their hit rates is necessary. Google AdWords also ranks your ad according to the relevancy of your selected keywords with the landing page of your displayed URL.          

You can also decide how much you have to spend on your Google AdWords promotion. For example you can set a daily PPC budget of . And supposing you pay for each click, Google will stop displaying your ad once it gets 15 clicks in a day.

This article is written by a technical writer, working at Synapse Interactive. We are a professional Google AdWords management company that has expertise in Google AdWords marketing and Google Adwords Advertising. For more information please contact us

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