Google Plus Attack Plan!

Google+ took just 24 days to reach 20 million users, that has NEVER happened before in History!!! AND, in just 7 months after it’s launch Google+ hit over 100 Million Users… Amazing!!! With some of the top bloggers, entrepreneurs and marketing proffessionals now moving over to Google+ many prominent internet minds are predicting that by the end of the year Google+ could hit 300 Million, 400 Million, some even say Google+ may reach up to 500 Millions users by January of 2013!!!

The “Google+ Attack Plan” Book – Over a 130 pages of pure Google+ awesomeness! Learn, step-by-step how to use Google+ to generate traffic, leads and sales for your business. The book covers all aspects of Google+ including: how to use secret databases to uncover your true target audience, how to magnetize your profile to generate followers and leads, how to leverage Google+ for instant SEO, how to turn Google+ Hangouts into jaw dropping events that your target audience will beg to be apart of, how to use Google+ Messenger for mobile marketing, how utilize Google+ to virtually hijack your target audiences email inbox, etc. etc. You’ll also get 10 Video Modules walking your through various Google+ strategies, techniques and down right ninja Google+ tactics that will help you magnetize your Google+ profile into list building machine and help you sell your products or services online through Google+ You’ll never wonder what the “next step” is — we’ve put together the Continued Success – 52 Week Action Plan to take you through the next year of marketing with Google+. Each day you simply turn to the next page and complete the simple actions. It’s like instant focus. A solid plan PLUS consistent, focused action will produce huge results. Getting so much information all at one time can sometimes seem overwhelming. That’s why Jocelyn and I have included in your G+ Attack Package a the Continued Success – Cheat Sheets to be a quick reference for your when you need information fast. The The Continued Success – Cheat Sheets will get you up and running within moments of receiving your materials. You won’t have to go through the hassle of trying to figure it all out on your own — we’ve got it laid out for you to get started instantly.

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