Gorilla Marketing

With several marketing techniques around and a large number of marketing tools being introduced, companies are often left confused as to what technique they should employ. Gorilla marketing has become an exciting way for people to advertise their products. It’s not uncommon to find various advertisements of this sort all over the country. Gorilla marketing is a term that was defined in 1984 by Jay Conrad Levinson. Despite this form of marketing being around even before Levinson’s book, it started to become widely used ever since the book was released and has taken on several different forms today.

So how exactly does this form of marketing work? Gorilla marketing works by the marketers coming up with innovative slogans and combining this with attractive designs, guaranteed to catch the eye of the passer-by. More often than not, the advertisements have no connection whatsoever to the item that is being advertised; exactly why it’s an interesting phenomenon. Businesses both large and small have started employing marketers in an attempt to boost their sales by using this effective marketing technique. Advancements in media and technology means that these advertisements can be carried not only on television and in magazines but can be put up in all sorts of places!

The advertisements are placed in areas that a person would not generally expect to see advertisements, such as on train doors or on the ceiling of a bus. Gorilla marketing techniques then attract the gaze of the individual by using either just a picture or perfectly constructed, catchy slogans that are guaranteed to invoke interest. It should be noted however, that gorilla marketing is not restricted to companies trying to promote their products. Several organizations too use gorilla marketing to send their message across. Here too slogans are used to appeal to individuals to donate for various causes and also to raise awareness regarding a large number of social issues.

The best bit about gorilla marketing is that companies (and other organizations) that employ this technique, do not have to spend large sums of money, something that most other marketing techniques require. Several famous brands such as Nike could also be seen using innovative gorilla marketing advertisements. Gorilla marketing only requires a very good imagination and a reasonable budget. This is another reason why several people are turning to this form of marketing. Gorilla marketing can take several forms, from the usual posters and billboards, to street graffiti and several other forms of art. Whatever the product or service you wish to advertise, gorilla marketing has the perfect advertisement for you.