How to Get Targeted Web Site Traffic – 1 of

How to Get Targeted Web Site Traffic – 1 of 3 – Keyword Research

On the web, the first and foremost goal of all businesses is to get targeted web site traffic. Search engine optimization is the best method that can deliver such results in a natural way. In general, pay per click advertising could also bring such results for you, but it will cost you a lot and as soon as you stop paying the advertising site, your ads will stop showing up.

On the contrary, the type of targeted traffic you get from search engines in a natural way remains there in search engine result pages for a long time, even after you stop paying your expert SEO service provider.

What’s Targeted Website Traffic?

Every marketing campaign is supposed to define its particular goals. When an online business seeks lots of visitors, it should plan for the exact type of visitors it desires to attract to its site. This is done when they plan to get targeted website traffic. They decide what type of people should come to their site and why.

At the earliest stage of search engine optimization process, a keyword research is performed to discover what phrases people search for to find the kind of products and services such business owners have. Then, after lots of keyword analysis, a group of phrases (usually more than 3 words each) are selected that indicate more inclination toward what such a website is offering. These keyphrases are grouped and prioritized to be used for various parts of the site.

Here’s an example of how to get targeted web site traffic: Suppose your site is selling properties in Canada and you have intended to increase your website traffic in a smart way. There are several categories in a real estate website for buying and selling like villas, condominiums and so on. The visitors you’d like to attract to an important page of your site are those who would want to buy condos. If you manage to get these people to that particular page of your site, you’ve managed to get targeted web site traffic to your site.

How to Achieve Such a Goal?

Everything depends on the keyphrase you choose for this page and then optimizing one of your pages for it. The phrase should be what a buyer may think of while searching. So, from among several similar phrases, you may be convinced that “buying condos” is the closest one. Well, obviously it is more narrowed than “condos” or even “buying properties”, but it should be more precise and to the point. Besides, the more words we have in a keyphrase, such a phrase will be more likely to attract the same visitors we want. So, we add the location to it too.

As the company is in Canada, “buying condos in Canada” is better than the previous phrase. Sometimes, there could even be more specific word to use within the same number of words. For instance, if you’re selling the condominiums in Toronto, and people use this word in their searches at various engines like Google, Bing, etc, why not replace Canada with it?

So, the phrase that helps you get targeted web site traffic to the specific page of your site will be: “buying condos in Toronto”. This is how keyword research can play an important role in getting targeted web site traffic for your site.

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