How To Identify A Good And Cheap Web Hosting

How To Identify A Good And Cheap Web Hosting Company?

With tens of hundreds of web hosting providers all over the US, it is a daunting task to find one good and cheap web hosting company. You would be very lucky if you find a good hosting company at a cheap price. It is always wise to find a good hosting company first; and later on to look for cheap hosts among them.

The question is: how to find a good hosting company which is also cheap? Well, here are some of the points which you should consider to find a good and affordable host.

Customer Service

It is very tempting when you see that you have to pay less than for a month but whether the web hosting company is providing you excellent customer service or not. The best idea is to find a host that provides customer support through chat, phone and email. Normally, if you opt for a host that provides email support only, you have to wait for days to get a reply to your query. Moreover, if you want to settle your queries on phone, online support may not be the best option for you. So, know your customer service requirements first and then choose the host.

Disk Space and Bandwidth

As a professional in your field, you know how much space and bandwidth your website requires. It is always advisable to opt for a package where you get more space and bandwidth than your current needs. Many web hosting companies offer unlimited space and bandwidth but they can be tradeoffs. You should be sure if you really need the unlimited space and bandwidth and whether it costs you a fortune to pay extra on the hosting.


You would have seen every web hosting company with the slogan of 99.999% uptime. Well, if we still believe it, this means 8 hours downtime in a year. A reliable service may cost you a little extra but that would in turn be your best bet as you would not like to see your site and business down for a single minute.

Programming Languages

Normally, Windows web hosting is expensive than Linux web hosting and you would see most websites are made using ASP and MYSQL. Linux hosting is always cheaper and it is more reliable too. So, if you really want to go for cheaper hosting, make sure your website is developed for Linux server.

Domain Names and Additional Hosting Services

You would see many hosting companies that offer domain names and other services like web analytic tools and content management. You may not need any of these services, so you do not have to pay for such services. If these services are an extra bonus, then it is good for you, otherwise, do not make them the base to choose the hosting company.

Cheap Hosting

Now, keeping in view all these factors you would be in a position to find the best web hosting company at the cheapest price. While finding a cheap web hosting company is not a big deal, it is always hard to find a good web hosting company that promises all the above mentioned features with reliability and consistency.

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