How To Podcast Like A Pro – Video Training!

If you’re looking for a complete package on how to podcast you found it. This is the real deal, from a real podcaster, with real, usable information, and absolutely NOTHING held back!

In June 2011 Steve Cherubino of held the “How To Podcast Like A Pro Weekend Webinar”. A massive 10 hour podcasting seminar in which he unveiled everything about podcasting that allowed him achieve great success in the field.

“Podcasting is so much fun and with almost no start up costs you can reach thousands of people with your shows from the comfort of your own home! Ordinary people now have the ability to speak their mind and talk about something they are passionate about, and reach people who share the same passion! I see no better medium for doing this than podcasting. Plus, podcasting is so liberating! You create your own schedule, you call the shots, you have full control over every aspect of your shows so they come out the way you want.”

“In these videos, I’m holding nothing back. Nothing! You get the full regimen of knowledge I have gathered about podcasting through the years. Using this information you WILL be able to start and run your own podcast and have a blast doing it! Also as a bonus, I’m going to give you all a behind the scenes look at my podcasting network Podnutz so you can see exactly what I’m doing and how it all works!”

Think about it. 10 Hours. No commercials, no breaks. That’s exhaustive! Steve could hardly speak after delivering this seminar bcause it was non-stop, rapid-fire, delivery of the best podcasting info you’ll find on the net. We defy you to find a package that contains as much info as this one, and delivere so intensively. There is so much information here, we guarantee you’ll run out of room in your brain to put it!

It’s not often someone who is successful in a field is willing to tell ALL his secrets and techniques to help others succeed as he or she did. Well, that is what we are doing. Through trial and error, Steve Cherubino has learned vital lessons in podcasting through the years. These videos give you all this information and more so you don’t have to learn the hard way!

Many people want to get into podcasting but don’t quite know what to do, or they get overwhelmed at the prospect of learning everything. This video series has as it’s main purpose to make it EASY for anyone to understand and implement the tools discussed. It is broken down into managable, digestible lessons that you CAN follow and if you do them all, you’ll have a stellar chance of success in your podcasting.

To see the quality of videos you’re getting, here’s the entire introduction video. Now remember, this video is only 1/120th of the entire course!

1. Introduction 2. Why Podcast? 3. Equipment – Microphones 4. Equipment – Audio Interface 5. Equipment – Mixers 6. Equipment – Headphones 7. Equipment – Bundles 8….