How To Protect Your Online Reputation And

How To Protect Your Online Reputation And Internet Business Opportunities

I know a lot of people type their name into Google and find information about themselves that they would rather not be on the internet. Everyday thousands of people search for information on individuals simply by typing their names into Google or other search engines. This information is so widely available on the internet that managing your reputation online has become vastly important for your personal opportunities and your internet business opportunities.

We are going to look at different ways in which you can manage your online reputation and keep hold of your personal information to protect your internet business opportunity.

Managing your reputation online is fortunately not a difficult task but it can take a little bit of work to get into order. Here are some steps that you can take to make sure that your personal and professional life is not affected by what is online.

Your position. Start by typing your name into Google and looking at the results of your name. Try different versions of your name with your first name and surname mixed up with other quotes such as where you are from. Look through each of the results and find information that you don’t want to be online as an internet marketing opportunity for someone to exploit.
Creating a Google alert. Set up an account with Google and then you will be able to set up an alert for your name. Google will send you an email to confirm you want to receive updates and then from that stage you will be notified if your name is published to the internet.
Contact the websites. If you have found a website that has information about you and it is affecting your internet business opportunities then contact the website owner. They are more often than not very compliant and will remove your information from their website.
Buy a domain that includes your name. Find a web hosting company that can offer cheap domains and hosting. Search domains that include you name and create a page that includes the information that you want to be online. All major search engines pick up on domain names as part of their algorithms and will generally position your site higher in the rankings if the domain includes the search term for your internet business opportunity.
Begin a blog. Google offer a free blogging tool to create your first blog. You can easily publish your own information about yourself and create an internet marketing opportunity that will help benefit your personal profile online.
Create an article and author reputation. Many online marketers have written many articles on their speciality subject and created an author status by doing this. Every article that is written has an author profile so by creating good quality content your reputation will increase and drive the negative websites further down the rankings.

There are other strategies that are becoming more popular as social networking sites are becoming more and more influential in business and personal lives. Make sure that your profile on these sites is beneficial to you and describes you, as you want to be seen by others. Having a good online reputation may be the difference between you getting your next big internet business opportunity or creating an internet marketing opportunity. Many employers now look on these sites to view potential clients and employees so be aware of what you have on these sites and manage your online reputation.

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Question by dreamair: Has anyone heard of a ‘business opportunity’ called ‘The Team’?
A friend of mine came to my home and offered me the opportunity to join a business. It sounds very much like a Multi-Level Marketing organization. It is supposedly tied to an Internet portal where people can buy products, but it sounds like the ‘business plan’ is the foocus.

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Answer by ianthefriendlypig
‘The Team’ is an offshoot from Quixtar or Amway as it used to be known.

If you are happy with this then go ahead.

My advice, however, would be to do your own due diligence, not only on ‘The Team’ but on as many different companies as you can. Personally check out their Terms and Conditons, very boring, but you need to know how many ways they have of sacking you and of NOT paying you, and what you have to do to get paid and HOW MUCH you will get paid. If fact one question to ask is how many Distributors/Affiliates would you need to get $ 10,000 per month on a residual basis. It will vary from 400 to over 100,000!!

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The Friendly Pig

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