Increase Free Traffic

The strategies used by web marketers to increase free traffic seem like a gold mine; however, not everybody manages to convert visitors into customers. In fact, 90% if not more of website visitors don’t convert into clients. Many people use the Internet for information only. They want to read news or get details on a specific problem, but they don’t want to buy anything. The real deal is to manage to convince as many people as possible to act on a website and ultimately perform a purchase.

Many mistakes are made when trying to increase free traffic, and the biggest problems appear when people use black hat tactics to promote their businesses. Many website owners have found their pages banned by search engines because the companies they collaborated with used dishonest promotional tactics. Lots of problems also appear because of the tough competition. The big issue comes from the fact that both you and your competitors target the same web surfers or market segment. And there is seldom a fair share in this!

Let’s take for instance the two Google advertising programs: Adwords and Adsense. A huge level of fraudulent activity has been registered for both. In the case of Adwords, when you increase free traffic you can lose lots of money when you get many irrelevant clicks on the ads. A dishonest practice here used by competitors was to hire people to click on the ads of other businesses with the deliberate purpose of causing money waste. The other extreme was registered with Adsense where Google pays the website owner for every click on an ad. Some web marketers use the strategy of multiple clicks to make more money.

As it happens with everything else in life, there are two sides of the coin, and the same holds true for every attempt to increase free traffic. The choice of methods, strategies and approach influence the success of the business as such, and positive results appear only for highly relevant web visitors. Therefore, you have to do your best in order to target web surfers that are most likely to convert into customers.

Numerous web pages provide guidance for traffic increase, link building, search engine optimization strategies, article marketing and the like. All these are closely interrelated in a complex network; what you do with one influences the rest. Keep this in mind because full understanding of the bigger picture keeps you on top!