Increase Traffic

There are several things you can do to increase traffic for a website: build links, list the website in directories, write articles to create backlinks, write press releases, work on social networks, develop forum and blog activity, perform regular search engine optimization, and the list goes on. I’ll briefly refer to some of these to just pinpoint how strategies can increase the number of web surfers that land on a specific web page.

Link building!

A web surfer visits a page and after going through the content, he/she checks relevant links to expand the search. This is how web visitors from other web pages reach yours. But you continuously need to improve link building, particularly to achieve one-way links. The more links you get from related websites, the bigger the chances to increase traffic.

Search engine optimization!

Try to think like your customers! Be a customer! Do this whenever you select keywords to perform search engine optimization. You can’t increase traffic if you don’t know what people want, what they would be interested in. Unique keywords, longer keyword phrases could make the difference between success and failure when it comes to traffic. Closely monitor your keywords in order to see which appear more frequently in queries. Those will be your little gold mine!

Article marketing

Write articles and distribute them across the web to increase traffic by superior business exposure. Most marketers are now fully aware of the importance of content for the success of their business; word goes by backlinks. People reach a website by navigating from link to link, and you can significantly increase traffic by providing fresh, original content on a regular basis. Most article directories that provide submission services are free; hence you invest close to nothing, yet you gain immensely.

Forums and social networks

You can increase traffic by posting comments on forums and social networks. Every entry should include your signature with a link to your website so that the interested reader could check the page. It is important to follow the publication rules so that you don’t have your comments deleted by forum moderators.

Okay, so you increase traffic, but it doesn’t stop here. You have to push things forward over and over again, meaning that it is never enough. A higher number of visitors only means that some of them will perform a transaction, and from this group, an even smaller percent will actually buy something. This is why you have to keep your website attractive for relevant web surfers.