Increase Website Traffic a Variety of Ways

Increase Website Traffic a Variety of Ways

You have to increase website traffic once you have set up your online presence for your business. Even if you’ve had your website professionally designed and you are selling a great product or service, you can’t succeed without high traffic and unique visitors. Sitting back and waiting for it to happen won’t work.

To increase website traffic you’ll have to achieve a few key goals. Getting ranked fairly high in the major search engines, develop links to a number of relevant sites that can lead to your site, and develop recognition of your company’s expertise. These three goals sound fairly straightforward, but can become complex when you consider how many other Internet sites are started every day that are attempting to achieve the same results.

Search Engines Are A Great Way to Increase Website Traffic

Ranking well in the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask, etc., is a fiercely competitive undertaking. Simply submitting your site will achieve next to nothing. Your website should have keyword rich Meta tags, page titles and information that will be recognized by the search engines when people are looking for information on your types of products and services.

For the best results, each page of your website should focus on a particular topic of interest to potential customers. Spreading yourself too thin (using many keywords just one or two times each rather than focusing on good content about one keyword or phrase on each page) will drop you in the search engine rankings.

Linking the Right Way

Links to other sites with links back to your own site is a good way to increase website traffic. The key to success with this is selective linking. If your website is for surfing gear, linking to a toy store will do very little for either of you. Linking to boat rentals, restaurants and coastal vacation providers, however, can get you great click-through results.

Your links don’t have to be huge banner ads, either. Relevance is more important than size and flash, especially since the words will again impact your search engine rankings. Don’t forget about clubs and blogs about surfing and online stores that carry scuba and even fishing gear. Think about peripheral links and be creative.

Toot Your Own Horn

If you have your own business it means you’re an expert in something. Let’s go back to the surfing example. Write a few articles about surfing; these can be informational (Top Ten West Coast Spots for Early Morning Waves) or narrative (My Latest Tahiti Adventure). Submitting these articles to surfing webs, forums and online clubs will get your name, and your company’s name out there. In the author’s profile you can include a link to your website.

Your articles should also include linking text that will take readers to different pages on your website. These can generate traffic to very specific products or services if placed correctly.

Search Engine Optimization

Everyone has heard the term SEO at some point, but search engine optimization is a difficult and refined style of writing that requires a lot of up-front research. Each article you write, whether included on your own website to provide customers with added value or posted on other sites for linking purposes, should be optimized with certain keywords designed to increase website traffic.

To determine which keywords will work best for you, take the time to research which words and phrases are most often searched for in relation to your products and services. If you can, choose a few and write different articles for each phrase, with each article focusing on a different aspect.

Calling in the Pros

Of course, developing your own Internet-based business can be very time consuming. If this is the case for you, it may be time to call in the professionals. There are excellent companies that focus specifically on how to help you get the most from all of the techniques outlined here. They can do the research, set up links and even provide professional writers to submit articles for you. They will help you increase website traffic for your site while you stick to what you know best, which is running your company.

Andy West is a freelance writer for Vertical Measures, an Internet Marketing Company that can help you increase website traffic. For more information, visit .

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Question by Hassan E: What are the best free ways to increase my website traffic?
What are the best free ways to increase my website traffic?

I have a good site but still can not attract people to my site

I am making all attracting method even the “free books for download” method but still can not attract more visitors

my website is

Best answer:

Answer by Benny82
Posting here is a good start 🙂

Seriously, posting on forums and whatnot. Anywhere you can plug for free.

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