Instant Adsense Arbitrage

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last year or two, you have heard of the term “Adsense Arbitrage Strategy”… Right?

Basically, it’s about sending cheap Google Adwords traffic to a page that has high-paying Adsense strategy ads on it. People click on your ads and you make money.

This was the ultimate “lazy system” for a while. But, like everything easy, people started abusing it and Google became smarter. After their “smart pricing” and “quality score” algorithms came into effect, many webmasters stopped making money with Adsense Arbitrage Strategy.

But, you haven’t been told the entire story. After these Google updates, smart webmasters have actually been making money hand over fist with Adsense arbitrage Strategy…

Myth 1: “Google has ‘Googleslapped’ my Adwords campaign. All terms cost $1-$10 dollars and there’s no cheap traffic to be found!”

The Google slap was the best thing that happened to smart Google Adwords advertisers. The “lesser mortals” just left the game and the field was now wide open for people who understand how the game is played. What can I say? Natural selection can be a bitch. In any case, there are actually BOATLOADS of cheap traffic on Adwords – waiting for you to tap into!

Really? When did that happen? Because I’m doing better than ever with affiliate marketing AND arbitrage – all through Google Adwords traffic. Google NEVER said they don’t allow Adsense arbitrage. If they did, they would just say “you are not allowed to put Adsense on your landing pages.” But they never said that.

Myth 3: “Adsense doesn’t pay well any more. All my sites have been “smart priced” and there’s nothing I can do”

Without knowing you, I can’t know if your sites have been “smart priced” and Google pays you less for your Adsense ads. But what I can tell you is that there are ways around “smart pricing.” Do you think Google has any reason to dissatisfy their publishers like you? Any chance that most people just use Adsense in a DUMB (eeerr… sorry… I meant “uninformed”) way?

Anyway, let’s get into the meat of things. If you want to make money with Adsense Arbitrage, you need to pay attention to a few things:

– Proper keyword research: There’s tons of cheap traffic yours for the taking. And it only takes a few hours to find all the keywords you could ever want!

– Achieving a high Adwords quality score: This is a combination of your keywords, ads and landing page.

– Increasing the CTR (Click Through Rate) AND your earnings per click from your adsense ads. Your ads have to be placed in such a way that encourages clicks – but clicks is only half the story. You have to get paid well for those clicks too!

– Achieve a high Adsense Quality Score: Most people have no idea that such a thing even exists – let alone know HOW to achieve a high Adsense Quality Score (AQS)

Address these (and use a few more secrets I have up my sleeve) and you can be…