Internet Marketing 101

When it comes to internet marketing 101, you must remember that internet marketing is utilizing the Internet to do some amazing things. For one, internet marketing 101 is excellent in communicating an organization’s message about itself and its products online. Internet marketing 101 also conducts research with regard to the nature of current and possible customers. Internet marketing 101 also assists in selling goods, services, or even advertising space within cyberspace. Whether to use the Internet for marketing purposes is up to the organization, yet as a rule, online marketing is an increasingly central part of almost every organization’s marketing mix.

Internet marketing 101 all starts with setting up a website in order to convey the company’s message within cyberspace, and to inform current and future customers of the many features and benefits of the organization’s products. Moreover, it needs to be said that SEM, which can be defined as marketing a website online through search engines, either by developing the site’s natural ranking via SEO, buying PPC ads or even buying PFI listings in certain website directories. Internet marketing 101would also constitutes email marketing. This is a method through which information concerning a product is disseminated in order to solicit customer feedback via email. What you need to know here is that email addresses of customers can be either collected or even purchased. A variety of methods are exploited, such as customary “giving out” of newsletters or even mailing out of offers.

Internet marketing 101 also deals with banner advertising. This is where you would place an ad on different websites for a certain fee. The offline counterpart of this type of marketing would be newspapers ads or magazines ads. Even online press releases, which involves placing a story about an organization (along with its website, people, products) with on online wire service are considered part and parcel of internet marketing 101. Another interesting facet of internet marketing 101 is blog marketing, where comments are posted, opinions are expressed or stating announcements can be done either by having a blog or doing the same on other people’s blogs.

Finally even the concept of article marketing does fall under internet marketing 101. This is all about writing articles that are related to your core business and getting them put online on article sites. These informative articles have a tendency to spread around cyberspace since article services authorizes re-publication if all of the article links are maintained. It is a known fact that article marketing can give your website a traffic boost, and sharing of articles that are syndicated will endorse your brand or product to a bigger audience. Finally remember that social media marketing is also very important since it would lead to wider exposure as well.