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Technology today plays a major part in our lives compared to twenty or thirty years ago. And so it comes as no surprise that companies are now opting for internet marketing research. Today markets are dynamic, with customers, competitors and conditions changing on a daily basis. Hence marketing too has to be constantly changing, what worked today cannot be useful for the future. Marketers need to have sufficient knowledge of the market concerned in order to be armed to handle the ever changing market. They gain their knowledge through market research and in todays technological context through internet marketing research.

Every profession requires research of some sort: for a journalist research needs to be done before an article is written and for an entrepreneur research into the market he or she is interested in breaking into is critical. Similarly for a marketer, internet marketing research is not only important for gaining knowledge about changing market conditions but it is also vital for making decisions. Internet marketing research gives marketers an idea of what is happening in the market, how it will change and offers potential alternative choices that can be made to cope with these changes. It is the foundation of marketing, as this research is what helps customers understand marketing decisions. Internet marketing research also supports decisions stand out in the face of competition and any external pressure.

Research can be done the traditional way through books and the like. However opting for internet marketing research has its advantages. One of the advantages is that it provides enhanced tracking. The Internet allows for unparalleled tracking and monitoring of customers. Whenever a customer visits an organizations website, information such as how they arrived at the website and what they did on the website can be deduced. Through the tracking of such data marketers are subjected to incomparable knowledge to help make their marketing decisions. Another advantage of internet marketing research is that it leads to improved communication. While providing extensive information of the customers activity on the website, the Internet offers an improved customer to company communication. This is equally important for marketers to make sound decisions. One way it improves communication is by encouraging customers to provide feedback on the organizations goods and services through pop-ups on the website or through regular emails. The third advantage of internet marketing research is that there are a large number of options for conducting research. Some of these additional options include omnipresent search engines, tools to conduct online surveys and access to large databases of secondary research.

Internet marketing research is now the preferred method of marketers. This is so because it has the unmatched advantage of extensive information through enhanced tracking as well as a number of options to conduct research. It also allows for improved communication with the customer.

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Marketing Research: The Impact of the Internet

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Question by Andromeda: i have a report on business me pls.what is internet marketing research?site an example.tnx a lot
also email marketing..tnx so much…
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E mail marketing means, If you promote your product or services through email way, is called E mail marketing..

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