Joomla Kahuna Tutorial Video Training Series

Warning: HTML “matto” …Webmaster “Wantabies” … And for those who want a legitimate Web site, now!

They are more then likely heard the term CMS (content management system) before, but if it is not simply what he said, a system to manage their content on the web.

It is very similar to owning a collection of Lego, except for your website-simply put together the pieces, but you want (limited only by available) and you can create the exact web site you want.

This means that once you know how it can quickly and easily assemble a complete and professional website in a single night.

Not only that, but with a CMS may add, change, or remove content without having to know a single line of HTML code complicated!

If you can surf the Internet and use a word processor and then create sites based on Joomla, finally …

OK, I know that sounds like a hypocrite, one minute, not that is as simple as “Point and click” and say it is complicated, but the fact is that Joomla is very easy, but you must learn to use before.

The problem is that it can take weeks (maybe months) to determine exactly how to use this powerful system and at the time they gave, and I left.

You need to pass any time hitting your head against the wall, we spent hours searching for the best and most easy to use Joomla, so you must-immediately available Joomla search hours (days in fact) we already have and you can skip the learning curve!

In little more than a while, will explain how to install Joomla (a Super powerful free CMS software), configure all parties, to add and edit your content instantly and much more well detailed and easy to follow for screencasts.

Introduction to Joomla 1.5, basic concepts and structure of the course (11:57)-to understand what exactly is Joomla, how it works, what it can do for you and how it has improved from previous versions.

Installation via Fantastico (04:01)-If you have cPanel and Fantastico, you have an excellent way to install Joomla, and this video will guide you in the process.

Installation manual (15:36)-manual installation of Joomla is not a problem when the step-by-step instructions in this video.

Add functionality and appearance changing (09:03)-the power of Joomla is adding loads of features and functions of the difference and the ease of making all completely unique website for you. Evil and will be hitting your head against the keyboard.

Install templates and add Adsense (12:08)-is like putting a new costume-it’s still “you” but has changed its appearance. It is what can be done with Joomla in a jiffy. Change of …