Keyword Insertion Plugin For WordPress

In recent years, used a very powerful plugin for WordPress that allows me to insert the keywords used by a search engine of search engines and then dynamically insert the key into my pages and places where I want to go.

This plugin has helped me more than my offer to become prospects and sales so that my messages and pages are optimized for exactly what the person you are looking for. I’m proud to announce today that I make this plugin available for you!

Keyword inclusion for WordPress plugin works to capture the exact keyword or phrase user password search engine used to find your site and then dynamically inserts the keyword in any place that you want to use a template or a label code!

You can also use an unlimited number of times on the site. This means that each page or post can be highly optimized.

It can be used in a normal paragraph text, all titles, link text, bulleted lists, numbered lists, appointments. It is fully customizable.

The plugin simply acquires the keyword or phrase search engine key and can insert anywhere in the dynamic page or post. See the example for instance the image below in the image above, the plugin is by typing the keyword and put a half of H2, a subsidiary and a link to the main point of the post WordPress backup.

The inclusion of keyword Plugin is incredibly easy to install and use. In fact, if you ever installed and used a plugin for WordPress, have problems not to use! Is totally newbie friendly.

After the purchase, takes you to a page where you can download the plugin. Download WordPress and activate it.

Once activated, you find that a link entitled “keyword Options” in your admin area. Get something similar to the image below when you get to the options page keyword, will be to configure the using keyword insertion Plugin. Take a look below the image of the component keyword options: will therefore be to configure your first use of the plugin. In our example above, we configure an instance of the keyword as a code for our WordPress post on dreams of pregnancy. It simply provides a code name for the short identify the zone (this is for your use only) and then provide a default key text. The text of the default keyword is used on the page or the location when the user somewhere else than a search engine. Then hit the green sign.

Once you hit the green sign, this keyword will be saved and will appear a code to insert in the page or post.

Then copied the code that created the plug-in for you. Open the page or position in which you want to use and paste it on the site.

Now whenever someone visits to this page or the location of a search engine, the keyword displays shortcode real …