Making Video Marketing Work For Your Business

Making Video Marketing Work For Your Business

There’s something a little sneaky about video marketing. This method that currently has so much impact in the online world has the ability to come off more like entertainment than a form of advertising, but it works! How many marketing methods are truly able to pull this off? As the ultimate tool to connect with customers in a unique and creative way, video marketing has proven to be a powerhouse when it comes to increasing traffic and the all important return-on-investment.

Perhaps you have never considered video marketing for yourself or have just thought the method was out of your league; now may be the right time to try your hand at something that is producing massive results for IMers-both the veterans and the newbies.

The popularity of video is evident in YouTube video traffic numbers alone. More than 1,000,000 videos are viewed on YouTube each and every day. The amount of time people spend watching these videos is significant, and it you may be easier than you think to get your videos viewed by your target market.

In addition to the sheer traffic videos attract, another benefit to video marketing is its cost effectiveness and ease-of-use once you get the hang of it. You also have the freedom to make the kind of video you want to make. You can go all out and do something very wild and crazy and creative to get the attention of viewers, or you can produce videos that are information-packed and provide an educational service to your customers. The choice is yours, but ultimately the purpose of video marketing is the same as the purpose of blogs, articles and advertisements: TRAFFIC.

With your videos, you are essentially establishing a connection with potential customers, giving them a taste of who you are and what your business is all about. Many marketers believe it’s much easier to create such a connection through video rather than through the written word or even a flashy advertisement. The reason? Today’s customers are very visual, and they like to be entertained, which is why videos fit the bill quite nicely.

Where do you begin with video marketing?

If you are trying to get your video marketing efforts off the ground, you may find it helpful to go with a system to help you step-by-step. Traffic Geyser is one program that guides you through the process involved in the creation, distribution and promotion of your videos. It can be of great benefit to have all you need for your video marketing efforts through one easy-to-use site and system.

However, if such a program isn’t in your budget, it is also possible to find what you need online quite often for free. From video marketing tips and strategies to free tools to help you create and distribute your videos, some solid research will help you to come up with what you need to use video marketing effectively.

While for some marketers the video creation process is most challenging, for others it is coming up with ideas and a purpose for the actual video that provides a stumbling block. If you are stumped for ideas when it comes to your videos, consider some of these:

- Pump up your customer list by offering free informational videos in exchange for their contact info.
- Use videos to provide buzz and excitement for a specific product launch.
- Produce videos that can add value to your site with an educational video series or another way to provide a service to your site visitors.
- Help your visitors get to know who you are through introducing yourself in a video.
- Pitch your product or service with a creative video or two.

Even if video marketing is foreign territory, don’t let the unknown intimidate you. The sky’s the limit when it comes to increasing your traffic potential and sales using video. Even a newbie to the IM world can develop a video of worth to potential customers. Now is the time to get involved in this video marketing wave. If you don’t, someone else will, and they may just take your customers.

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Question by hlywdiana: How can I find a local RFP for Video production/marketing?
I am new to the marketing industry and am trying to get my feet wet in sales. So I am searching for local RFP’s for video production and can’t find anything. Anyone have any info on where I can look for local RFP’s?
I guess I didn’t make clear that I am in the marketing field and am looking to bring in new business. I have never delt with RFP’s before and have no idea how to find them…that’s what I want to know. And the location is Cleveland, OH.

Best answer:

Answer by Allan E
Your question isn’t clear at all. By RFP do you mean Request For Proposal? And what do you mean by “local”? In what country, or state. Can your company only respond to so-called local enquiries?? If so, why’s it so hard for you to find any. And what about your competitors. Find out how they get business and follow their lead.

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