Member Money Magnet

Membership sites are one of the best business models ever created. Why? Just thinking about it. A customer signature once, and then you pay again and again.

If you have a little math quickly as conservative does not need to create a monthly residual income. And somewhere in your online business, you want more stable and reliable income. So too in affiliate marketing and sell their products or services.

How much you pay each month? Twenty, fifty, sixty dollars or more? Many people is also a member of this site?

Serious businessmen who all belong to a kind of membership that help them somehow online marketplace.

If you’re not now, you will be. And it all ends with a recurring revenue model as part of your business to stabilize your monthly income and breathing.

Millions are made by the site owners of all classes each week on the web. If you think it’s just the Internet marketing specialists, think again! There is a membership model is capable of every niche that is popular on the web today!

Suppose that a site has 1000 members … in an average of $ 65 per month. Is $ 65,000 per month! My Member site is one of the hundreds of successful members of 200 thousand membership sites. And that is just in niches related to marketing!

You can create a site for people to respond to … based on a topic that interests you … and make loads of profit in the process.

Note: this is not realistic. I have been more than 5 years in the field of membership sites and have produced millions of dollars in revenue. Blog success usually have more than 500 members at any time payment $ 67 per month. It is close to $ 35,000 per month.

A good friend of mine has a site that is $ 27 per month and sometimes keeps all its 1000 members! It is $ 27,000 per month for a web site.

Chances are you already know the popular membership sites. This type of residual income is the dream situation “be your own boss!

So why not everyone is? If it is a model of success … so it’s still “can go to work …” Why not do it?

The right? It is not necessarily easy if you are trying to find themselves. If I searched for a site to its membership before you have, you know decisions submitted. It seems very difficult. And that is, if you don’t help or experience with constructing a membership site.

You see, if you don’t know what you’re doing, it can be very hard to succeed. Let me tell you why that … and they say not to be so hard for you …

I want to give something that had all my questions when I started in 2005 with my first membership site. Instead, I got alive tons of errors and very …