Methods to Choose Best Hosting Company

Methods to Choose Best Hosting Company

At present in web market number of companies are surviving, all of them committed for the best services. Due to the presence of so many companies competition is getting tougher and tougher, so all the companies are getting more aware for their services. From here the role of a user gets started, as now it is up to him/her to choose one of the best companies. All of the companies are trying their level best to attract more customers, but client should make decision by taking the proper knowledge about the service.

Following are some of the features that should be taken care of by the customers especially if their website plays important role in selling their products or services.

1. Money Back Guarantee – The reason why this factor is placed at top is that economic factor is a very important factor. Customers get very upset when their money gets invested in a hosting plan that is not able to provide satisfactory services, at time they want to get their money back. So before choosing any of the plan clients should make him/her self sure about their money back guarantee.

2. Customer Technical Support – The next very important aspect to be concerned is customer support. Many times it happens that customer falls in some technical problem and there is no one to provide help, at that time customer desperately want the service that is able to provide him/her the support he/she wants. This can happen when user searches for the service that makes surety for the 24 hours support service.

3. Control Panel – The other important feature is control Panel. Control panel provides very important services such as by the help of control panel one can have his/her total control on his/her account, that is to manage email accounts, reading statistics, and configuring auto responders. User should be sure that the hosting company he/she opted has a centralized control panel as per their management needs.

4. Website Statistics – Nowadays it is not possible that one creates his/her site and does not update it regularly. If it happens, then the website will be vanished very soon. User should be very aware of the kind of visitors going to visit his/her site and what kind of pages they are reading. Hosting company should have all the information for its clients in a proper way. Company should update all the statistics regularly or say on daily basis. Services should get advanced day by day.

5. CGI – CGI refers to as “Common Gateway Interface”. It is a procedure through which web pages interact with scripts on a server. The hosting company allows its user to install and run CGI scripts into their account. Hosting company can also provide a hosting package having some free pre-installed CGI scripts, such as a message board or email forms.

6. POP Email Accounts – POP means (Post Office Protocol) Email Account. It is an email account that is hosted on one’s site. The user is allowed to have more than one POP account, so as he/she can set up email addresses as per the requirement.

7. Auto responders – Auto responders are important tools that permit a visitor to send an email to a specific email address and automatically receive a reply. For example, if user has a FAQ, people can send an email to and automatically receive the FAQ list in their email inbox.

8. SSL Secure Server – SSL stands for “Secure Socket Layer”. SSL is a procedure that allows for encrypted transmissions on the web. This is especially useful if the user is interested in collecting private information from visitors, such as credit card information.

9. Shopping Cart – Now we will discuss about a very important aspect that is shopping cart. If any user is planning to have a catalog on the web and is interested in selling his/her e-books or audio tapes, then the most important requirement will be of shopping cart other wise the trading will not be possible. By the help of shopping cart people can browse through the user’s “store” and pick the items they want to purchase. Then further the people will proceed to the checkout where they can review their order and pay by credit card. Many times user’s hosting company does not offer a shopping cart system, and then he/she can go for a stand-alone shopping cart system and can use it with his/her website. There is no problem of the availability of the stand-alone shopping cart system.

10. Password Protected Areas – If one wants to create a “members only” or “students only” section of his/her site, then he/she will need to make sure that his/her hosting company supports password protected areas (folders or sub-webs).

11. FrontPage Extensions – Microsoft FrontPage is also one of the important tools. It is useful for the web development and is easy to operate. The package will not be completely functional without the installation of a special server called “FrontPage Extensions.” Using FrontPage Extension is not chargeable rather it is offered free by many of the companies. User should be aware of the company that is going to charge for this service.

12. Mailing List Software – User should keep his/her clients informed by offering to put them on the mailing list. User should be sure that his/her hosting company supports double-opt-in mailing lists, where the person signs up and receives a confirmation email that instructs them how to officially sign up for his/her mailing list.

13. Streaming Media – If user wants to add multimedia streaming to his/her site, then he/she need to find out if his/her hosting company supports the use of streaming media such as RealAudio or Windows Media files. Generally some hosting companies charge for this extra service.

In this article we have discussed a lot of the things, now it’s up to the user that how he/she is going to treat with all these aspects. User should be very careful before going for any of the services. So best of luck!

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