Monitoring Search Engine Positions

Monitoring Search Engine Positions


Each search engine uses a formula to  estimate website rankings. When a search engine changes this formula in any way, it may raise or lower your ranking significantly.

That is why you need to check your positions at regualar intervals in order to catch when a search engine changes formulas and what result it has on your positions.

Your competitor’s position may suddenly rise, lowering your position. Or their position may drop, pushing your position higher.Expect position to changes each month due to the constant changes that are taking place in your competitor’s position, and be prepared toa djust your marketing strategy to make up for decreased rankings.Monitoring these fluctuations will also give you important information about how to improve your website to increase your
position in search results.

You may need to regconize which are the most popular search engines in order for your monitoring efforts to be productive. Right now, there are ten popular search engines
that direct most of Internet traffic to your sites. However, do note that these top ten may change from month to month.

Another factor to monitor cautiously is a sudden drop of your positions in all search engines. This is not the same as monthly fluctuations – this is a code red warning sign! It could mean a number of different issues.

Some search engines depends on the results from other search engines, and it is important for you to know which engine these are and keep track of all the engines they influence. There is
a huge problem here whereby search engines will sometimes change affiliations,creating a major shift in  the geography of the Internet.

Finally, do pay close attention to your keywords. Keywords are the foundation stepping stone of the entire search engine system, and they demand individual analysis, in your monitoring efforts. If you have found that a number of your positions have collapsed, it may mean that the competition for that particular keyword or phrase has recently shot up into outer space. Or a page of your website has become hidden or inaccessible to search engine spiders.
Either of the case, you must act fast and effectively to regain lost ground.

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