Newbie Internet Business Series Part 2: the Do?s

Newbie Internet Business Series Part 2: the Do?s and the Don?ts of Building a Home Internet Business

As Part 1 describes the pros and cons of building a home based internet business, Part 2 explores what you need to pay attention to and what to avoid to be successful in building a home internet business.

The DO’s

• Add value to other people in whatever you do.

When you e-mail your subscribers don’t just sell them anything but give them the information they need such as reports, tips, clips from YouTube, etc.

• Research for your product.

You need to select the product that is needed by people, has a tremendous impact on people’s lives, give you high commission and create a residual income (you can make a one-time sale and get paid repeatedly). Only great products can last in this competitive market.

• Have the willingness to learn.

You need to learn from the masters who have succeeded so that you shorten your learning curve. Having a journal in what you do and how the responses are allows you to learn from your own experience.

• Promote your product effectively.

You need to find both paid advertisements such as Pay Per Click as well as free advertisements such as joining forums, traffic exchanges, answering Yahoo Answers and joining 43 Things.

• Treat your internet business as a business.

Just like an offline business, you need to be professional with when building a home internet business, such as in answering enquiry. You need to keep your integrity intact. You need to keep your promises. Even though you can’t see your customers’ face, they are people just like you on the other side of the line.

• Focus on one business at the time.

Although it is tempting to explore every opportunity to earn money in the internet, it is highly recommended as a newbie that you focus on one business while you are building a home internet business and make sure it creates steady income before you venture to other businesses.

• Have a clear goal.

Since it is a business and not a hobby, you need to have a clear goal of how much is your targeted income. Then, while building a home internet business, you need to set aside a budget for the expenses of your product. If you don’t budget your advertisement and expenses, it will add an unnecessary stress when you see overcharges in your credit cards.

The DON’Ts

• Don’t believe every deal in the internet.

It is sad but true that there are scams in the internet. Research your product by seeing it in Google how much people advertise for it and asking around in forums to find out more about a product before you buy it.

• Don’t fall into a false belief that internet business is easy money.

Although there are more and more millionaires in the internet, they admit that it is a hard work to succeed in building a home internet business. It requires determination, persistence and patience. Most of the time, you cannot see the immediate results. However, if you keep building your home internet business consistently, you will be rewarded. Find out more.

• Don’t think you know everything.

Internet business is a growing business in which you need to keep up-to-date with the market trends and the needs of your niche market. You must put aside some money for your personal development that will help you bring your internet business to the next level. You can attend seminar, conference or buy products to keep learning.

• Don’t be complacent with what you have.

Once you see the money coming into your account and you start to smile, you need to remember that you still have to maintain your customers and improve your business.

• Don’t think that you can see the money this month.

We recommend that you keep your day job while you start building a home internet business. It takes a while before you can see the pay cheque substantial to pay for your bills. Please do not just quit your job and jump into building a home internet business unless you have enough saving to sustain you for the next few months.

• Don’t be an army.

Ultimately, you need to have your own product if you want to be a millionaire. Being an affiliate (someone who sells other people’s products) is a good starting point as a newbie to give you experience in building a home internet business. But you have to strive to become the chief of the armies.

• Don’t be tempted to try everything.

There are many interesting products and methods of making money in the internet. You must, however, remember the power of focus. If you put a magnifying glass on top of a piece of paper and you put that under the sun, the paper will burn because the sun focuses its heat. You will succeed in whatever your mind focuses on. Find what you are interested in and it is easier to start from there.

When you learn the DOs and DON’Ts in building a home internet business, it gives you insight of what you need to do and to avoid. Start here.

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Tessie is both a Psychologist and HRD Consultant. Born in Indonesia she completed her BA, MA in Psychology from the United States of America and MBA in Training and Development from England. She has lived in the US, Australia, UK and Singapore for over twenty years. Tessie has consulted various organizations in Asia region and made significant contributions for their improvements. With her online business, she is passionate in helping people find financial freedom.

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