Newbie Internet Business Series Part 3: All You

Newbie Internet Business Series Part 3: All You Need to Know About Internet Home Based Business

Congratulation in joining or seriously considering starting home based internet business! However, that it is a world which will enrich your life, while at the same time it drastically changes your life style in many ways:

1. A different world. Internet business is an entirely different game like nothing else you know before! You are dealing with a virtual, immense and global world.

2. No face-to-face interaction with customers. You develop a network of customers or contacts who you never meet face to face, only by names and e-mail addresses.

3. No office perks. Internet is a home business. There are no office facilities and no staffs around you, which mean it is a lonely world.

4. No boss. You have no one who leads you, or a boss who gives you guidance and direction. You have to be your own boss, meaning that you make or break on your own.

5. No immediate result. Internet business requires a lot of time and effort before it eventually produces result.

6. Irregular working hours. Internet business requires a lot of hard work. Unlike the offices which has official working hours, you are working in extended hours, often with very little break.

7. Intensive education. You have to learn a lot of new knowledge how to be the best home based internet business (including internet terminology, basic softwares, web designs, many websites and different techniques of marketing in a short time).

8. New roles and professions. You are the Jack of all trades. You have to do many things yourself, assuming the roles as marketer, designer and writer.

9. Home stay. Your business is an internet home based business. It means that you will be at home most of the time. This is an excellent opportunity for you to get closer to the family, with less socializing outside.

10. Resistance from your family members. Most people are unwilling to pay the immediate price of change; therefore they do not change, and resist the change. When you become the best home based internet business will change your home life. Your family might resist change, particularly those who have to change the most.

We realize that as Alvin Toffler said, “Change is not merely necessary to life — it is life.” But, how do you carry on with the change which happens as you embark in internet business? Here is how:

1. Change your mindset.

This is the important first step. Ross Cooper said: “The only way to change our lives is by changing our minds.” To reprogram your ‘blueprint’, you must understand the following key elements of change:

First element is awareness. You can’t change anything unless you know it exists. Not all changes are good. Most people see change as an uncomfortable and painful thing that must be done.

The second is understanding. By understanding where your “way of thinking” originates, you can see the change as a helpful thing that should be done.

The third is disassociation. Once you realize that change should be done, you can separate yourself from the pain — based on who you are today, and where you want to be tomorrow.

The last element is reconditioning. You ‘rewrite’ your subconscious on a permanent level — retaining your mind to respond supportively to the change. According to Orson Scott Card, “In order to learn one must change one’s mind.”

2. Change yourself.

Most people want to change their circumstances to improve their lives instead of changing themselves to improve their circumstances. You actually have to change yourself first to improve the circumstances. If you change, your family would change too.

Changing yourself implies that you have to educate yourself intensively (learn a lot of new knowledge), do new things (assume new professions), and manage your time differently (work with irregular working hours), and that you need to persevere because internet home based business does not give you immediate result.

3. Change your role: be the change leader.

You must become a change leader, proactively leading the change. Remember that leader has to go first.

You have to embrace the change. That is what it means to lead. Don’t expect others to take the lead; embrace the change first. So the trick is not to oppose it, but to go with it. Deal with the change head on, instead of avoiding it or pretending it does not exist. As Alan Watts said, “The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.”

You must be optimistic. Always demonstrate positive mental attitude; it will inspire you and your family to go through difficult times.

You must be a role model. The real challenge for the leader is getting over the opposition of those who don’t want to change. By playing the role of a change leader, you show your family the behavior that they should emulate, i.e. embrace the change. People do what people see.

You must recognize and reward. Celebrate with your family for embracing the change; this will encourage them to reinforce their behavior.

4. Change what you do.

In internet home based business you have to do lots of marketing campaigns and advertisements before you get result. You have to do several things over and over and over and over, before you succeed.

On the other hand, Benjamin Franklin said that the definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expect different results. This means that you must be willing to change your way when you realize that it does not produce the result you want.

Internet home based business is an ever-changing world. To make progress, you must change. To be successful, you must change often. Remember what Anthony Robbins said: “We can change our lives. We can do, have and be whatever we wish!”

By recognizing the drastic change it impacts in your life style and coping appropriately and enthusiastically with the change, internet home based business can become a very rewarding experience and income for you which enriches your personal life. As Alfred North Whitehead said, “The art of progress is to preserve order amid change and to preserve change amid order.”

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Tessie is both a Psychologist and HRD Consultant. Born in Indonesia she completed her BA, MA in Psychology from the United States of America and MBA in Training and Development from England. She has lived in the US, Australia, UK and Singapore for over twenty years. Tessie has consulted various organizations in Asia region and made significant contributions for their improvements. With her online business, she is passionate in helping people find financial freedom.

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Question by Legend: What are the risk factors of internet business?
What are the risk factors of internet retail business? Please give a list, thank you.

Best answer:

Answer by Kane
Well there are alot.

1. Database hacking
2. Adware
3. Spyware
4. Viruses
5. Firewall breaches
6. Phishing of your buyers accounts
7. Ect.

There are countless risks but with the right hardware and the right software protecting your main business PC and your server/web page, everything will run A-Ok, I recommend going to GeekSquad at BestBuy and getting more advice from them, I’d have to explain more in person. But hope this helps!

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