One Way Link Building

Experts have stressed out more than once that one way link building is vital for the increase of page rank and website popularity. In comparison with traditional reciprocal links, one way links are more valuable, yet a lot more difficult to obtain. Their main advantage is that they secure optimal long-term results with search engines, and they pose almost no business threats for your business. Let me explain why.

First of all, one way link building does not oblige you in any way to link back to another website. This prevents you from linking to pages with a bad reputation such as link farms, that could in fact ruin your reputation online. One way links from pages with a similar topic and content are the most valuable of all. The popularity of your website depends on such links because search engines rank pages based on this relevance criteria, among several others.

Why are link farms such a problem? The big issue of link farms is that they do not add any value to your website; they have no purpose other than increasing the number of links. Google and the other search engines are presently ignoring such links, meaning that you can have hundreds of them, and still get a poor page rank. It is thus highly important to focus on one way link building. If a website owner decides that the content of your pages is valuable for his/her potential readers, he/she will create a link to your page.

The major benefit and the transparent nature of one way link building is that it does not try to manipulate search engines, but actually puts the web visitors’ interest first. Readers will benefit from the links and the content on the linked website. This is the reason why one way link building is considered steadier and a lot more advantageous on the long term: the link will stay there, because it is not supported and motivated by marketing strategies alone.

One way link building derives from article marketing directly, because it is usually related to the creation of valuable web content. You write articles, newsletters, FAQ’s, blog posts and e-books and you submit or distribute them for free. Directory listing in content-related categories, press releases and even free software tools available with ‘required link back’, are just a few other examples of methods or strategies that can help a business create powerful one way links for substantial business results.


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