One Way Links

One way links enjoy the highest popularity on the Internet because they bring the steadiest long-term results of all the existent types of links. They are usually created because the content of a certain web page is considered relevant or useful, and they do not oblige the other party to link back. One way links have become a major appreciation criterion in the page ranking performed by search engines, due to the fact that they directly reflect the popularity of a certain website.

Another great advantage of one way links is that they increase direct traffic to the website, as people click directly on them because of the relevance they assume such pages to have for their queries. The topic relation or correspondence is what best defines one way links, as compared to all the rest. Google does not like sites that have too many reciprocal linking, moreover, a business loses in popularity if the other party changes the reciprocal linking strategy and deletes the links.

The potential of creating one way links resides in the quality of the website. Web design matters a lot, and so does the content you provide to visitors. If you have something of value to share, other sites will link naturally without your trying any schemes. All you have to do is focus on content, make it useful for the reader and constantly provide something fresh.

Submission to major directories like and Yahoo! is another strategy for creating one way links. The only condition here is that you submit your website in the correct category.

Use article marketing and submit articles to article directories, because such materials always include a link to your website. Free e-books and other materials that you provide on the web could also increase the number of one way links and therefore the traffic level and the page rank.

Testimonials and product reviews may also serve well in link building campaigns. It is important to write about products that you like and you consider valuable. The companies that post the reviews or the testimonials will usually include the link to the site that submits such content.

Forums and social network posts may also carry the site signature or text links. You should consider your methods to build one way links carefully. The ‘nofollow’ links policy suggested by Google and implemented by many forums now protect you against bad neighborhoods and spammers.

Try to stay updated and always follow ‘quality’ as the main criterion for content and product promotion! It always makes one way links building easier!