Online Marketing Promotions

Although many companies around the world are beginning to realize more and more the benefits the World Wide Web has provided for them in terms of marketing, many still are yet to realize its true value. Those companies strive to keep costs at minimum using other promotional channels such as the newspapers, magazines, TV and radio, not realizing the numerous benefits online marketing promotions can provide for the company. Failure to adopt online marketing promotions into their promotional mix is not only due to lack of awareness, but also due to the entrepreneurs focusing on the disadvantages of the online marketing promotions, which are in fact heavily outnumbered by its benefits.

The main benefit online marketing promotions could provide for a business is a great reduction in costs incurred in the marketing communications process. This is greatly due to the site having low maintenance, being easily accessible to customers and taking away the importance of producing commercials and radio advertisements which are very costly to the business. The speed of the internet further adds to the advantages of online marketing promotions as the customers can be accessed instantly. The websites act as virtual stores for the business and are not time bound. Customers could be appealed to 24/7, thereby increasing the chances of attracting customers to the business and its products. Online marketing promotions have the ability to target an extremely vast number of potential clients as the internet provides the companies with access to international individuals as well, thereby providing great scope for international business. The instant nature of the online marketing promotions also allows the business to receive feedback directly from the customers in an attempt to see the success of their promotional efforts, which they would judge based on the increase or decline of sales in other instances.

The main disadvantages of online marketing promotions are that the customers and the business are isolated from each other. The element of personal selling could be lost, which may reduce the business gaining repeat sales. The firm may also have to invest in costly security measures in order to ensure the legitimacy of the transactions made in lieu of the online marketing promotions. The advantages to online marketing promotions however do far exceed the drawback could potentially provide, but they cannot be ignored. The companies maintaining a balanced promotional mix of both online and off-line Medias are bound to reach great success, and in the case of internet promotions the success could come around even from international waters.