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It really bothers me when I see so many brilliant and talented people miss the chance to achieve the life of their dreams because they neglected to promote themselves as a BRAND!

If you do not already own the domain name for YOUR NAME or if you have not started blogging and creating an online presence for your name, you are making a big mistake!

Whether you have an immediate need or whether its an investment for your future, you can be sure that building your own name as a brand will bring you massive returns over time.

Conversely, if you don’t start building your name as a brand now and someone else does it before you, the opportunity will be lost permanently!

Well did you know that today, more than 56% of people will research you or your product online before making a purchase decision? And that number will only grow in the future.

This is important even if you are not selling any product or service, because your credibility and brand value affect almost EVERY area of your life!

In each of these circumstances, your prospective employer, sales prospect, business partner, boss and even your date will be “Googling” YOU before they make their decision. Get the picture?

Now you may or may not have heard about me. My name is Brian Wong. I am a regular person like you and everyone else. The difference is that I have built a very powerful online brand for my name.

Just do a search on Google, Youtube or anywhere else online and chances are you will find some of my material online.

There’s not enough time to list every opportunity, income stream, and experience that became available to me because I started to brand myself online with my blog and social media websites!

I got to network and become business partners with International speakers, gurus and marketers whom otherwise would not give me the time of day!

I get tons of offers for joint ventures and many business opportunities that few others have access to!

I get amazing credibility every time I want to close a business deal or want to get an appointment with somebody.

Just take a look at my daily income just from my Clickbank commissions. The snapshot below is just one of my Clickbank accounts. I have not included the thousands of dollars I receive via check, Paypal and direct wire transfers!

There are countless other amazing opportunities, events and experiences that I have gotten access to that is hard for me to show here. The point is, that all of this would not be possible if I did not embark on a massive personal branding campaign over the few years!

But trust me when I say this… if you are NOT building your online brand then you are going to miss out on a great deal of opportunity, income and experiences that would otherwise be open to you! So START NOW!

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