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Don’t spend weeks or months, installation and debugging of essential plugins and widgets you need to succeed.

His only title and images professionally integrated into one of our beautifully designed templates.

Stand-alone Blog is more than a design service, we help you take the headache has lost countless hours trying to figure out themselves. If you’re new to blogging, we can make suggestions for the best blog of the web hosting company. We installed the WordPress publishing platform in your account and database web hosting setup. If you have a new domain, the domain server settings for your hosting account, if necessary. It is advisable to install the plugin and Setup for you. While we have implemented these things, our graphic artist started creating your personalized photo header graphics. Once the graphics, install and activate the theme enabled before informing that your new blog is ready!

Install and configure everything you need to get started with your new blog. Our service includes installation of the database, the name of the server and WordPress installation settings. We design a custom personalized with your photo header and then embed in our theme. Recommenced all plugins installed and configure it for you too. Theme supports Google Font API.

Blogs entitled is built # 1 hosted worldwide publishing platform, WordPress. Software and scripts are designed for professional internet marketers today. Modules built for Google Analytics, contact form and the presentation a little wrapped up in your feed. Full support for popular methods of social media like Facebook and Twitter share buttons.

Your new blog includes 30 professional video tutorials to help you get started with the Control Panel, type Blog entries, photo editing and more. Can’t find the answer to your question? Submit a ticket to our support center, or join our group’s support very active on Facebook.

Want to write your own paycheck using the power of the internet? There are many people who earn 6 figures, include some income 7 and 8. If you are one of those many who is paid less than it is worth to make a rich person, it’s time to change. Forget not that […]

I don’t know if it’s the holiday season or that I am experiencing in the ‘ empty nest ‘, I feel overwhelmed. Then I had to remember: it’s not about my feelings, my emotions or my physical body or a part of my past or current experiences. His “now”. Life continues in a second. His “now” do […]

Blogs by skills is back in town! In fact, EB has never gone anywhere, but he received a facelift! We have completely redesigned the Web site, among other things, but we’re more than happy to have the launch of version 2.0! Theme version 2.0 ETv 2.0 was rewritten almost from the ground to the top of power! Adds new capabilities while […]

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