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This article submitter spins & submits your articles to high ranking article directories within 5 minutes or less! Supports article submission to Ezinearticles!

Articles that generally took days, even weeks to get published on the Search Engines now take as little as 24 hours, often faster. The reports have saved us countless hours. If an article is rejected we can locate the problem, fix it and re-submit in minutes.

ASA has saved us time & money. Most importantly, our clients are thrilled and they’re now calling us “SEO Wizards”… all thanks to the results we’ve been able to achieve after using ASA!

I used Article Submit Auto to submit my articles to different directories. I like that my articles are submitted only to the directories with a high Google ranking. Another advantage is that I can schedule the submissions. (I like to have my articles submitted every two days)

I have been looking for a reliable article submission software/service for months now and I have had absolutely no luck finding it.

Most of them were just hyped up false promises and none of them actually did half of what was said in the sales letter – at least not correctly.

ArticleSubmitAuto DOES indeed submit to the top article directories including EzineArticles. It’s 100% automated, you don’t even need to add captchas!

After trying over 16 article submission software and services, I can honestly say ArticleSubmitAuto is the best one hands down.

I started out manually submitting articles to directories and it’s a slow laborious process. It took about 5 minutes for each article directory and it was a pain in the butt. Then one day, I discovered Dominic’s ArticleSubmitAuto and everything changed.

Now I simply input my article, select the directories I want to submit to, click a button and bham! – My article is distributed to the directories in an instant! This service saves me so much time and effort — It leaves me the time to do those important things in my business! Thanks ArticleSubmitAuto!

Oh – and by the way… This is a really great service and the support from ArticleSubmitAuto is first class. I highly recommend this service if you want to save time on your business and have first class customer support.

Everyone knows that the key to article marketing is to stay on a regular schedule. The two best ways to accomplish this are through either automation or outsourcing. Article Submit Auto takes care of the automation piece, brilliantly.

The instructions are so well-done that if you want to multiply the effects of BOTH automation and outsourcing, you can easily outsource the use of this tool — without the risk of poor performance often associated with outsourced work!

I used to struggle with several submitters that either claim to submit to high ranking article directories (but fail to deliver on their promise) OR they simply submit to hundreds of junk directories that are useless (low Pagerank, no traffic).

But your article submitter is different! It submits to all the top directories and provides such a user friendly…