Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

If you’re out of sight on the Web, says Search Engine Optimization specialist Richard John Jenkins, you’re out of mind. Braving the wilds of search engine myths and facts, Richard offers essential tips on how to appear at the top of search results in Yahoo!, Google, and other popular search engines. From purchasing placement to optimizing keyword variations, from avoiding “black hat” SEO practices to setting up a search-friendly site, Richard covers it all. He also shares how to best submit your

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Price: $ 99.95

Integrated Search Marketing Solution & Organic Search: Search Engine Optimizatio

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5 thoughts on “Search Engine Optimization ”

  1. Review by D. Ledden for Search Engine Optimization
    This was my first lynda course. I’m a professional web developer with a fair level knowledge, so I was expecting to know some of the material. However, I was disappointed to find that many of the web tools and urls are no longer available. Also, there are more than a few chapters dealing with very basic web design things. Setting a title on your page may be classified as SEO, but I don’t need a 20 min explanation of how to do it in Dreamweaver 8.0. Yes, DW8.. Even a newbie could figure out this process on their own.

    In all I found two chapters useful. As they saved be a few hours of searching online, but not nearly enough to be worth the price tag. If you can find it used for under $50. It might be worth it for someone who is new to web design, but if proficient at figuring out the changes that have occurred in DW.

    The teaching style was adequate, but the material is just to long in the tooth. Lynda, please make a new course.

  2. Review by M. Fisette for Search Engine Optimization
    I highly recommend this title along with all the other SEO titles available at I have an annual subscription that lets me watch this and hundreds of other training tutorials. This is a GREAT company. You should subscribe to the site if you want the best deal in town.

  3. Review by Dennis Deacon for Search Engine Optimization
    I just finished this training and have to say it is wonderful. SEO is such a hot topic, and the trainer, Richard John Jenkins, does a wonderful job in covering the topic in fine detail. The foundation of what is obtained from this training can be used to drastically improve a website’s ranking in the major search engines using ethical methods, without resorting to “black hat” tactics.

  4. Review by B. Page for Search Engine Optimization
    I discovered search engine optimization after having a website up for 3 yeaars that never seemed to generate any business. In fact, I couldn’t get my company name to come up when I searched for it myself. In doing some marketing research I discovered this process called search engine optimization (SEO) and what you didn’t know about it could hurt you. And it was. I then discovered John’s SEO CD that taught everything I needed to know in a way that I could easily comprehend. He teaches using lots of live examples so you know exactly what he’s talking about. John is an excellent teacher and reveals valuable resources in his tutorial. Step by step he tells you what you need to do and why you need to do it. What he teaches not only improves one’s website, but marketing in general. I highly recommend John’s CD and urge everyone to learn about SEO. […]

  5. Review by J. Mellor for Search Engine Optimization
    After searching all over the web for local and online training courses, SEO by Richard John Jenkins, was bar far the best resource I have found. If you are starting to delve into SEO, this is a great solution for training. Since Richard is an SEO specialist himself he has a wealth of information and resources that he shares with you. Richard was really able to connect the dots for me in an easy to follow way. I have been able to immediately implement what I have learned to optimize my company’s site and am looking forward to higher rankings soon! I would definitely recommend this class. I chose to spend the well worth it price of $150 as opposed to the thousands of dollars a month that SEO firms can charge. I have been thrilled with this purchase and so will you!

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